Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

solo show - "The invited Vandal" at Bautzner 69/Dresden

I'm happy to announce my upcoming solo show at Bautzner69 in Dresden. On January 22nd i will hold a performance at this gallery space. Somewhen between 5 and 9 p.m. - be sure to be there and have a look from outside. german infos you can find here , too .

Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

burnout by bureaucracry

if you wonnder why there is no new stuff on my blog ( and in my flickr ) - i m burnt out of boring bureaucracy - writing concepts, closing reports and a lot of blabla shit .... would prefer to paint some walls instead!!

Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Interview and new drawings

Just accidently i found a interview in the www i made some month ago. here the link ( Sorry - german only )
and two new drawings in my flickr. Check it here

Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

new sketches ... "wasted youth" meets "vegetables"

There are some new sketches of mine. The on above is called "30 days in a life of wasted youth". Originally i planned to use this one for a self made calendar of friends, but they finally decided to print it only in one color. well i like the work also standing alone. Another sketch is called "Everybody wants to be an artist, but who thinks about the vegetables?". Click on the names to see the works in higher resolution.

Dienstag, 30. November 2010

The Yellow Sound - Der Gelbe Klang

Tomorrow, Wednesday 1.12.- 8 p.m. - it 's the last chance to see "The Yellow Sound" in Dresden at Prager Spitze (Prager Strasse 2b - former Karstadt Sport) infos - here

Dresdens NeueSTE Meister - by Bernhard Schilz

This is a poster double page in the german newspaper "Bild". It features the art world of Dresden ... mainly the view on the art market. Well I'm maybe i m the only artist "off" from the art market - but at least the biggest one in this Poster ;)
bigger picture here

thanx Bernhard

Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

Premiere "Der Gelbe Klang" - Friday 26.11. - 8 - P.M.

This Friday we will present the first time "Der Gelbe Klang" (The Yellow Sound). This group work of Teresa Hackel - Dance, Stefan Schwarzer - Projection, Felix Krüger - Sound, Denise Ackermann - Mastermind and Me - Painting is related to Kandinsky's "Der Gelbe Klang". A theatre compostion that consists of 5 images and a prologue. "Der Gelbe Klang" is part of the ongoing "Colors-Project" of riesa efau.

some web links about "Der Gelbe Klang" (The Yellow Sound) - link one link two

Place: Prager Strasse 2b /Prager Spitze ( former Karstadt Sport)

Dates: Friday 26.11 - 8p.m. and Wednesday 1.12. - 8p.m.

Entrance Fee : 3€ (Students, Pupil, Hartz4,... )/ 5€ (Normal)

There are limited Seats! To be sure (100percent) to see the premiere you can buy the tickets at riesa efau
Foto by Andreas Seeliger via riesa efau

Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Sound-Pen-Laboratories & Der Gelbe Klang

treibhaus on the way:

Wendesday - 24.11.2010, 8 p.m.
Projekttheater, Louisenstraße 47, 01099 Dresden


Max Loeb - Guitar
Jens Besser - Sketching
Martin Büst - Sound Computer

Entrance fee pre selling (Vorverkauf im Projekttheater) : 5,- Euro, box office (Abendkasse): 7 ,-Euro

AND Do Not forget

26.11. 2010 & 1.12.2010 - Der Gelbe Klang
experimental theater project

Entrance fee pre selling (Vorverkauf im riesa efau) : 3€/5€

more infos here

Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

New Screenprints available - "Valid Everywhere"

One of my favorite collected Tickets is this one - Printed in Hamburg and just full of XXXXXXXXX . I added some typical skeleton sketch of mine.

This screenprint is limited on 6 Pieces.
Size 27cm to 61 cm

Price - 150€

You can order the "Valid Everywhere"-print via shop(a in circle)

The work is part of a series called "Interrail CI/CD". I made this work to participate in the german-czech Exhibition "Strömungen/Proudeni". You can see the work at Galerie Adlergasse / riese efau Dresden till 25th November.
Open: Tue-Fri / 2p.m.-8p.m.

Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

Pixelpopulation Workshop

This weekend I will take part in MB21 to offer the opportunity to create own pixelfigures. It's something like a "fast" workshop, which is open to everbody. MB21 is focused on youth aged between 16 and 21 years.

blooom & art fair 21

Just been painting at blooom & art fair 21 in cologne. Had some nice days there - meeting friends and painted relaxed. This painting was done to present my book " muralismo morte the rebirth of muralism in contemporary urban art "

Visiting Barcelona

During my visit of Barcelona I met up with Kenor and H101. This is a collaborativ painting Kenor and I made in a relaxed night in Barca. I guess you know where it is - if not check here

Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

26th&27th of October

On 26th of october - 8 p.m. max loeb , martin büss and I make a soundscapes vs. chalksketching action at Runde Ecke - Wachsbleichstrasse 4, Dresden-Friedrichstadt.

on 27th - 8 p.m. i present my new book "Muralismo Morte - The Rebirth of Muralism in Contemporary Urban Art" at Motorenhalle - Wachsbleichstrasse 4a, Dresden-Friedrichstadt.
see you there

Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

Art fairs Berlin

I m in Berlin to present my Book at Stroke - Friday 8.10. - 7 p.m. and Saturday 9.10. - 7 p.m. in the lounge area - entrance to the lecture is free !

Because i had some time to look out what s goin on in Berlin I made a tour to art forum berlin. It s a huge huge art fair. I painted some stuff in front of it, because entrance fee was to high and I don t relly like these kind of places, where Security is on every corner, looking at you.
I invited a child of parents to paint, too. he looked really interested.
We painted only few minutes till security arrived. The security guy was really friendly. That's whay I did not continue. I m not a nasty bad boy, if security sees my face ;)
Luckily a man of the audience gave me some pocket money ...
Nice start for that day...

After being at art forum I went back to stroke . On my way i found a street sketch of my friend other .
I had to add something !
I made some kind of a triptych out of it ... hope to meet him again ( not only in the streets )

Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2010

Panorama view

Thanks to the photographer Andreas Seeliger, this wonderful panaorama view shows two works of mine in one Foto.
Please wait a while for the download of the image. To navigate use your mouse. To zoom in use shift. To zoom out ctrl.
The yellow Giant is part of the upcoming event "Von Farben, Farbbeuteln und Fixierungen"
more infos about this project click here and here ( sorry - only in german )

The Muralismo Morte - Book Release Painting Session

I had some nice days in Berlin. Together with John Reaktor (SAM), Kid Kyuss Hope, Zone, Irgh and Urkel (Wurstbande) I painted a nice wall on a pretty cold day, brrr.

The release of "Muralismo Morte - The Rebirth of Muralism in Contemporary Urban Art" was a success, too. Lot s of people , nice place and positive feedback en masse... i m looking forward for the presentation at Stroke03 (next weekend) and Mzin Leipzig ( 3.11.2010)

Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

Muralismo Morte - Book release

My First BOOK is launched soon !!!

Text by From Here To Fame Publishing:

We are delighted to commence our fall season with a beautiful new title.

Wir freuen uns sehr mit diesem außergewöhnlich schönen Buch in den Herbst zu starten.

Muralismo Morte - The Rebirth of Muralism in Contemporary Urban Art reveals the vibrancy of a new type of muralism as it rises from the shadows of urban spaces in metropolises worldwide. From much celebrated pieces in prominent places to those hidden in anonymous, decayed ruins, it features the large-scale murals and small interventions of some of the most exciting international artists associated with this movement. Muralist and art activist Jens Besser uncovers these treasures and offers special insights into the emerging scene that is coloring our urban experience.

Texts by Robert Kaltenhäuser, Peter Michalski, Michael Haas (Facadeprinter), Markus Dorninger (Tagtool),Thilo Fröbel, Resto, Tec, Jens Besser and Kain Logos

Artists/Künstler: Roa, Remed, Klub 7, Aec & Waone (Interesni Kazki), Blu, Os Gemeos, Escif, Iemza, Tagtool, Sonice Development, 108, Resto, Aris, Kislow , Eleuro , Sepe, Kenor and many more.

Muralismo Morte - The Rebirth of Muralism in Contemporary Urban Art, zeigt die Dynamik einer neuen Form der Wandmalerei, die seit einigen Jahren weltweit aus den Schatten der urbanen Räume der Metropolen hervor tritt. Von den gefeierten Arbeiten an prominenten Plätzen zu den anonymen Werken, versteckt in verfallenen Ruinen, bietet dieses Buch die großen Murals und kleinen Interventionen einiger der spannendsten internationalen Künstler dieser Bewegung. Muralist und Kunst-Aktivist Jens Besser deckt diese Kostbarkeiten auf und bietet einen tiefen Einblick in eine aufstrebende Szene, die unsere urbane Landschaft in neuen Farben zeichnet.

Take a look inside the book here!

Title: Muralismo Morte - The Rebirth of Muralism in Contemporary Urban Art
Author: Jens Besser
Pages: 200, color, ca. 300 Illustrations & photographs
Format: 28.5 x 21 cm (11.22 x 8.27 inches)
Language: English edition

Price Hardcover: 24.95 € | £ 24.99 | US $ 34.95
ISBN Hardcover: 978-3-937946-29-0

you can order it here

Book Release / 1. October 2010!

Exhibition & Book release party / Common Ground Gallery / Berlin:
1.October 2010 / 7 pm-open end
Lecture / Buchvorstellung (Jens Besser): 8:30 pm

Live video performance – BerlinBeamBoys
DJ Dejoe

Common Ground Gallery / Hip Hop Stützpunkt
Marienburger Str. 16 A (Hinterhof)
10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Muralismo Morte Events Schedule:
for detailed information please check

1. October 2010 – Berlin
Common Ground Gallery
Exhibition & Book release party / lecture by Jens Besser

7 – 10. October 2010 – Berlin
Stroke.03 Urban Art Fair
Muralismo Morte lecture by Jens Besser & live painting by Roa, Sepe and Aryz (TBC)

27. October 2010 – Dresden
Muralismo Morte lecture by Jens Besser

3. November 2010 – Leipzig
Mzin Book Store
Muralismo Morte lecture by Jens Besser & exhibition

Mittwoch, 15. September 2010


These Fotos show parts of "Analog Digital". A performance realized at Fokus Festival Görlitz. Me and Stefan Schwarzer worked interactive in an abandoned slaughterhouse. While Stefan Schwarzer painted digitally on the wall i painted directly on it.
Analog - Jens Besser
Digital - Stefan Schwarzer

check my flickr for more Fotos

Sonntag, 5. September 2010

Sound Chalk Cloud

some reflections in black and yellow about an upcoming meeting with musicians. On 26th of october - 8 p.m. max loeb , martin of solarsoundnetwork and I make a soundscapes vs. chalksketching action at Runde Ecke - Wachsbleichstrasse 4, Dresden-Friedrichstadt. Another sketch click here

Freitag, 3. September 2010

new Mural - together with Stefan Schwarzer

last two days Stefan Schwarzer and me work on a huge mural in Dresden-Friedrichstadt. Thanks to Denise of riesa-efau we got this great opportunity to paint . By day and NIGHT. Tomorrow we finish the wall. I will post a Foto of the final work, too.
photo in better resolution here

Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

chalk sketching on friday,saturday and sunday

foto taken by Stefan Schwarzer (Halle)

During the "Stadtfest Dresden" i made several chalk actions for my project "public con temporary". I wasn' t able to take pictures of all. I hope these impressions offer insights - more pictures of "public con temporary" via urbanscript foto stream

Freitag, 20. August 2010

Pixelpopulation goes huge

Dresden Stadtfest - 2010 - "public con temporary"
Pixelpopulation goes huge as part of "public con temporary" - a public art project along the river Elbe.
check the map here

Big Thanx to Matthias Thomas of mare-floors for printing this work.

for more infos about "public con temporary" check urban script continues website

Dienstag, 17. August 2010

My Boys And Me

Sorry only in German language. Newspaper article about "Sichtbeton Wandmaltage".
I like the Foto. Looks like some fancy fotoshooting of a fresh new upcoming fashion label called "used trash denim".

Montag, 16. August 2010

Yellow Lines

Another day at a beautifull spot. I hope this area will stay for a while. There are lot s of smooth walls. Just perfect for painting with brush and roller.

I continued an earlier work
more Fotos of this day you find here

Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Muralismo Morte - lecture at IBUg

I'm invited to hold the lecture "Muralismo Morte - muralism in abandonned factories and on rotten walls" at IBUg 2010.
The lecture features wallpaintings from all over the world - mostly in old Factories. There will be a short preview on my upcoming book, too.

Date: 28th of August at 2 p.m.
Place: Former "VEB Textilwerk Palla" Moritz-Oswalt-Straße in Meerane/Germany

picture above: a work at "urban script camp / ZwischengrünFestival 2009 in Leipzig/Germany"

Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Sichtbeton - Collective Work With Stefan Schwarzer

This is a detail of an abstract collective wall together with Stefan Schwarzer from Leipzig in Dresden-Prohlis.
If you want to see the whole wall - here it is.

Mittwoch, 4. August 2010

Sichtbeton - Wandmaltage

This weekend i paint at "Sichtbeton". A small painting festival in Dresden-Prohlis.
check the program via

Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

muralismo morte - the rebirth of muralism in contemporary urban art

working hard on my upcoming book "muralismo morte - the rebirth of muralism in contemporary urban art" soon published by from here to fame publishing ... when it s finished i can start painting again ! Yeah!

Montag, 12. Juli 2010

"abstract painting in abandoned factory"

"abstract painting in abandoned factory"
Last weekend i've been in countryside area of Dresden . Did some experimental stuff

Freitag, 9. Juli 2010

Performance "public con temporary"

Yesterday i made a performance for the press - "public con temporary". It was an action that promotes the upcoming artshow "public con temporary" during the city festival in dresden - 20-22 august. I invite artist who realize temporary art works in public space like Bertram Weisshaar, Katalin Huszáror Mehrzweckhalle Linz if you're in Dresden you should come around and have a nice time between contemporary art, music and dance

Montag, 5. Juli 2010

The New Albertinum - Everything is under control !

"chalk mob 1.0." - a fast sketch at the reopened Albertinum in Dresden

While i was invited to take part in the "discursive picknick" by artists group unwetter from berlin, i made a fast chalk drawing in the recently opened Albertinum. Albertinum is the contemporary art museum in Dresden.
After few seconds security arrived. I discussed a while and continued to paint till the security headquarter stopped my action.
Now I know - contemporary art at Albertinum is under control.

Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

Leipzig - Kunst am Markt

The Görlitz based project "Fokus" is still on tour. Farbsafari now is hosted in Leipzig at "Kunst am Markt". I painted there in an abandonned building this sitespecific work. Thanx to the Fokus crew for taking me there.
bigger image here

Final work for BRN

this is the final work for BRN - Bunte Republik Neustadt. It's located on Böhmische Strasse. If you're around there - take a beer and a fresh made wafer at family Blanks private beer cart.
bigger image here

Remembering Hamburg

During the collective show "pssst" at Gängeviertel Hamburg I pasted a few posters in the streets. this is one of the paste ups.

Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010

guided tour - yard check simple

Today i offer the following tour:
Yard Check Simple

"To undersatnd painting trains, it s absolutlely necessary to feel the atmosphere. toch check out pots in the evening is a important part of art on trains. lights at night give yards a romantic atmosphere. between screeming brakes of trains and noisy engines exist wonderfull moments of silence and seclusion. even yards are in central areas of cities, the areas around are domintaed by industry. industry that seems to sleep at night."
attendance fee: 5€, reduced 3€ Please sign up!

signing via: jens(a in circle) or 0162/4558771

Thursday 17.June ( 10 p.m. - 12 p.m.) & 24 june ( 10 p.m. - 12 p.m.)

just another nightshift - final presentation

"just another nightshift" - final presentation at "about the nightshift" at KOLONI/Dresden
more pictures here
more infos about the show here

KOLONI -Torgauer Strasse 40 – Dresden
open:Wednesday - Friday 4-8 p.m. Saturday 2-6 p.m.

entrance fee: 3€ reduced 2€

Samstag, 12. Juni 2010

opening "about the nightshift"

yesterday evening - nice opening of "about the nightshift"
Foto - Van Laak
thanks to all participating artists and visitors!!!
more fotos here

Montag, 7. Juni 2010

etwas in eigener (deutscher) sache

wer sich mal wundert, wieso er nicht ausreisen darf, weil gerade fussball em ist:
möglicherweise ist er zufällig in der " gewaltäter-datei" der polizei gelandet, weil er mal beim fussballspiel einen hooligan anzeigen wollte. und damit du weisst das du demnächst den netten jungs von nebenan beim abendlichen chillen in der Neustadt erzählen darfst/musst:

sonstige Namen wie Spitznamen
andere Namensschreibweisen
andere Personalien wie Alias-Personalien
akademischer Grad
erlernter Beruf
ausgeübte Tätigkeit
Geburtsort einschließlich Kreis
aktuelle Staatsangehörigkeit und frühere Staatsangehörigkeiten
gegenwärtiger Aufenthaltsort und frühere Aufenthaltsorte
Personenbeschreibungen wie
a) Gestalt
b) Größe unter Angabe der Art ihrer Feststellung
c) Gewicht
d) scheinbares Alter
e) äußere Erscheinung
f) Schuhgröße
besondere körperliche Merkmale
verwendete Sprachen
Stimm- und Sprachmerkmale wie eine Mundart
verfasste Texte
Angaben zu Identitätsdokumenten wie Personalausweis, Reisepass und andere die Identitätsfeststellung fördernde Urkunden (Geburts-, Heirats- oder Sterbeurkunde)
Aufenthaltsstatus und Aufenthaltsanlass
Beziehungen zu Personen, Gruppenzugehörigkeit
personengebundene Hinweise wie „Freitodgefahr“, „bewaffnet“, “gewalttätig“, „Explosivstoffgefahr“
Bestehenden Auflagen oder Verboten wie Hausverbot, Kontaktverbot, Meldeauflage, Betretens- und Aufenthaltsverbot, Ausreiseuntersagung, Pass- und Personalausweisbeschränkung

na danke und tschüss ... also lieber gleich rennen, egal was los ist. UND nicht umdrehen - da heisst es sonst " der täter wollte sich gewaltsam entfernen. Der täter zog waffe und drehte sich um. Der Täter wurde mit waffenanwendung im fluchtvorgang gestoppt. sterbedatum = aufzeichnungsdatum"

ps - alles schon passiert - letzteres einem ausländer in nürnberg, der keine waffe besaß. bußgeld für die verrückte polizistin - 5000€ . genausoviel wie für eine besprühte wand eines kumpels. nur dass die wand noch existiert. der abgeknallte typ nicht.

Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

Züge zerstören dein Leben - Trains destroy your life

sketch of the Series "just another nightshift". final presentation of this series at "about the nighshift".

Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2010

"about the nightshift" - 6 international young artists about painting on trains

my next upcoming and self managed show - about the nightshift

The exhibition "about the nightshift" gives unusal insights into the world of train painters . the invited artists reflected in diverse ways about the phenomena of painting trains. they have close contacts to the scene. contacts do not exist a lot , because train painters live two lifes - one official, one for train painting.

exhibition space: KOLONI -Torgauer Strasse 40 - Dresden

Opening with music by solar sound network - free entrance ! Friday 11.June - 8p.m.

Öffnungszeiten der Ausstellung
Mittwoch - Freitag 16-20 Uhr
Samstag 14-18 uhr
Eintritt: 3€ ermäßigt 2€

opening hours:
Wednesday -Friday 4p.m.-8p.m.
Saturday 2p.m.-6p.m.
entrance fee : 3€ reduced 2€

closing with live visuals by Syru (Leipzig)
Sunday 11.July - 8p.m.

participating artists: Aris (Viareggio/ I ) , Jens Besser (Dresden/ D ), >Labrona (Montreal/ CAN ), Nils Müller (Köln/ D ), Other (Montreal/ CAN ) , Van Laak (Düsseldorf/ D )

more infos

Montag, 31. Mai 2010

A wall for BRN ( Bunte Republic Neustadt)

Last Saturday I painted again. this time alone. more abstract. Dresden will be more and more colorfull .... especially when BRN is happening... location: Böhmische Strasse 7 - Dresden Neustadt Thanx to the Blanks ;)
bigger Foto here >

Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

chalk drawings in neustadt

last night i' ve been out with a bucket of chalk and a good friend ...

Montag, 24. Mai 2010

"muse&musik" a mural by Aris & Me at Friedrichstadtzentral (Dresden)

last week italian artist ARIS visited me in Dresden to do a new mural Friedrichstadtzentral . After painting two days and having two nice dinners with barbara and lü of Friedrichstadtzentral , we finished the work - "Muse und Musik"
more pictures of the wall via my flickr-stream

PS: Aris takes part in the upcoming show " about the nighthsift" at KOLONI next month !

Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010

Der Kraftkleister k.V. präsentiert "GlücksKoks"

Der Kraftkleister k.V. präsentiert "GlücksKoks"
im Rahmen von "waterlounge"

Während 99% aller Newcomer-Artists die Ergreifung der Weltherrschaft proklamieren , hat der Kraftkleister K.V. ( k.V. steht für kein Verein) realistische Ziele. Im System sich anpassend ist der Kraftkleister k.V eine klar profitrorientierte Organisation. Deshalb präsentiert der Kraftkleister k.V. im Rahmen der Waterlounge das stark haftende, nicht klumpende Spitzenprodukt "Glückskoks". "Glückskoks" macht gefügig ,was gefügig zu machen ist. Glückskoks macht gelichgültig um den Alltag zu ertragen. Und Glückskoks macht glücklich! Kurz und Knapp : "Glückskoks ist alles was der Mensch des 21.Jh. benötigt um glücklich bis zum Lebensende zu überdauern." Wir laden alle Shopping-victims und diejenigen die es werden wollen ein, an der Produktpräsentation teilzunehmen. Zur netten Ausgestaltung der Räume zeigt der Kraftkleister K.V. junge rebellische Untergrundkunst.
Eröffnung 13.5. start 21 Uhr Ausstellungszeitraum: 13.05.-10.06.2010

Club Aquarium - St.Petersburger Straße 21, 01069 Dresden

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