Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

Triple Impact in March

At the moment I prepare my upcoming show "Diaries of interrail" in Berlin at idrawalot . The show opens on 7th of march. It's my first official solo show in Berlin. It's the first exhibition where I show the complete series of 19 drawings on international Tickets plus 15 different silkscreen prints. The drawings are portraits of international train painters who i met between 2010 and 2012. Some works of the series i did during of my stipend of cultural fund of saxony in 2010 called "trainwork(er)s - auf den Spuren nächtlicher Schatten". Some drawings of this series were already exhibited in shows in Amsterdam, Sofia, Montreal, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Dresden.
3 portaits of the series shown at "Diaries of interrail".
"Burnrout by Bureaucracy"picture via SKD
Some of my works that have been bought by Kunstfonds Sachsen last year are exhibited in the show "jetzt hier.Gegenwartskunst aus dem Kunstfonds" at Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau in Dresden. This show runs from 1st of March till 20th of May.

And because in general my works are in the street I offer during the show "jetzt hier.Gegenwartskunds aus dem Kunstfonds" an "urban art walk". The walk happens on 2nd of March. Start 4p.m. at Adlergasse 14 - Dresden Friedrichstadt See you In Dresden & Berlin ;)

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