Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Portrait " czech train painter 1"

Continuing a series of drawings on tickets called "just another nightshift".
This is one of two portraits of a czech artist . He is a a close friend, but has always struggle for life. He lives in a small workers town, where nobody thinks a lot about art or escpaing from the workers life. It's a place where it's really difficult to escape especially when you don't have opportunities to study. You are trapped in everyday work. His last resorts from the boring everday life are drugs ( beer and canabis), music and painting crazy stuff in his town.

Montag, 26. März 2012

"Träumer" - first sketch for the exhibition "Die andere Seite" in Dresden

"Träumer" is my first sketch for the exhibition "Die andere Seite" in Dresden. It' s an exchange project with the german artist Viktoria Graf and two artists from Litomerice - the town where Alfred Kubin was born. Alfred Kubin is the author of the -Book " Die andere Seite". It's an dark novel about the city of dreamers , which looks much more like a nightmare to the chief character of the book.

For the show we print a series of screenprints - inspired by the book and the exchange of ideas between czech artists and german.
more informations about this show here

Montag, 19. März 2012

Porto Alegre - inside works

"work'n'travel" was my last work in Porto Alegre this year. I did this one at the place of my hosts - Elisa and Felipe. Thanx a lot for the nice place and all the contacts in Porto Alegre. Hope to see them again ... next year. The painting features inspirations of the couple's life and some impressions from my trip.

I did not find a title for this work. It's nearly 270 degrees. I choosed that corner in Daniel's flat, because the painting can go up to the ceiling and again down to the wall. It reminds me on painting in empty buildings in Dresden. I used to paint a lot in abandoned flats. There you always found different strange conditions. Flats full of trash, or just empty. Sometimes a homeless sleeping place. It was always inspiring. Thanx a lot Daniel - for the opportunity to paint, the good food, the book ...

( and the helpfull payment )


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