Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

Shepard Fairey, Banksy and ....

This is something about "Nachhaltigkeit" ( engl - sustainability ). In 2005 I runned a small store for street art releated stuff called nokopi. One day a girl arrived in this store and asked for "No logo" - the guy, crew, whatever , who did some stuff in the streets of Barcelona. I told here:"I did some of these paste ups in Barcelona." She was really happy when i said these words. She planned to make a publication about street art in Barcelona during this times. But finally she realized there is much more to research about, if the publication should be good enough for her own standards. The book was never published - but Heike continued to reaserch about the field of street art. From time to time i met here - mostly by accident. The last time i saw here was at some art fair in Berlin about street art. I was there to present my book "muralismo morte". We had a lunch outside the fair and she told me about her results. It was really nice to see, there is somebody who continues to make deep researches in a really dfficult field for outsiders. I was one of the few artists who did not come from a metropolitan City Like Berlin, New York or London. I was the small "noname" from Dresden - who loves to explore the world and paint everywhere. 7 years later i see the results of her long period works - the book "Street Art Karrieren".

For me personally this is not another book about street art. It's in my eyes the first german (maybe worldwide) long term research about the connection of street art hype, art market and style/trademark of an artist. The book shows at its best how much art nowadays is related to a famous name / trademark and how much quality&ideas count (nearly nothing). For Heike I am maybe the artists who is the counterpart in the street-art-world for Banksy&Shepard Fairey. I studied at the academy fine arts, i'm not interested to sell artworks for the financial art market (If I sell my artworks i sell it to collectors & people how appreciate art and not to investment bankers who put my stuff in a bank safe, where nobody can see my stuff )
My main aim is to do public art. Art for the people. Art where I don't need to write concepts. Art where I dont't have to follow bureaucrats and co.
Over the years i developed my own way to survive as a freelancer. A mixture of producing, teaching and making research. I traveled to different countries and met a lot,lot,lot active artists. I did murals all over. I printed a lot stuff with silk screen technique. But most of my works are still unpublished till now. I only put works on this blog - that follow a certain style. A style that i like to continue. I still produce a lot,lot,lot more stuff. Stuff that does not fit in here, because it's done for the public and only to be seen in public. And I better leave it to people like Heike to find out who does these works. Who is the "noname" artists who does this kind of scribbling, that kind of message or this type of logolike figure.
It's maybe more difficult to survive from art as an idealist in art ( to have a lot money makes some things a lot easier) But when things like the publishing of this book happen, it's one of the rare moments in my life when i feel: "I did something good in my life. I'm proud about my way".
That's why - THANX A LOT to Heike for her great research. And as i know she is again in a new reaserch project - GOOD LUCK for this and her whole future !!!!
And to finish this article with the beginning - this is a rare example of deep research in the field of street art and that's why it's "nachhaltig" ;)

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