Montag, 23. April 2012

Day & Night - for City Bilder Dresden

This is the other side around for City Bilder . Two walls, Two styles One person. The work is about "Day and Night". Just some experiences and thoughts. I finished my first huge solo (double)mural in Dresden Friedrichstadt. For each wall I had only 2 days. 2 days for transparent primer, primery paint and details. It was an crazy competion and it ended up with muscle ache in my whole body one day after the finishing. some impressions of the work
more pictures of the development of the wall here

Dienstag, 17. April 2012

The Other Side" - Exhibition in Dresden

Till 29.April i take part in a group show called " the other side". It s a collaborative Show inspired by Alfred Kubins book " The Other Side". We , Viktoria Graf, Zdenek Kveton, Marek Rubec and I , worked on the screenprint show during eastern.
the show is open from 4-8p.m..
Adress. "Runde Ecke" - Wachsbleichstrasse / Adlergasse , Dresden-Friedrichstadt

City Bilder - Go huge

Today I started my wall for City Bilder. Primed this wall two times - transparent preparation primer and white color . next step - yellow & orange shapes. tomorrow just painting lines ... 2 days one wall ;)

Freitag, 6. April 2012


New Work in Dresden-Neustadt area - "Konfusion& Träume" is a work inspired by contemporary life in Neustadt area and Alfred Kubins book "Die andere Seite".

This is just a step in between, but i'm looking for a place, where i could leave such a abstract painting. In Dresden-Neustadt it will be covered with tags in a few days. That's why i prefered the outlined version.

(for bigger picture click on the images.)

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