Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

Monstra Festival - Lisbon

My work "sneak, paint, run" is shown on the monstra animation festival in Lisbon as part of a german section of short films curated by André Eckardt (DIAF) - that s why i made a relaunch of my video - in better quality ... at the festival they exhibit the video and my sketches in tickets :)

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

schedule 2012

screenprint for calendar of "WerkstadtladenLöbtau" - done in december 2011

and a few dates from my schedule for 2012 ...

April 2012 - City Images wallpainting event - more infos here

April2012 - German-Czech Artist Collaboration in Dresden - more infos soon

14-15 April 2012 "self made/trash screenprinting" course at riesa efau Dresden - more infos here

21-22 April 2012 "street art stencil" course at riesa efau Dresden - more infos here

May- June 2012 - German-Bulgarian Muralist Exchange wallpainting in Dresden & Sofia - more infos soon

June 2012 - urban script continues 2012 - the scientfic lessons lectures and city walks in Dresden - more infos soon

July 2012 - "street art/ art in public space" course at Technical University Dresden - study course "padagogy of art"

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