Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

Christmas as usual / Business as usual

I'm sorry but this post is kind of advertisment for buying nice things to give them away at christmas eve to friends and peple that you like. And because Artists need to survive from selling stuff, not only by teaching at schools and universities, stealing old food from the garbage can ( called dumpster diving ) and air from latin america ( i love it, even it's dirty) - i want to give some advise about places where you can buy some prints and works of mine.

this is one example - "Left traces in Namur" is a limited screen print for the show "Conceptual Vandalism" available in Dresden at Galerie Module or via e-mail. Price: 42€ (unframed) 70€ (framed with passepartout)

in Dresden - galerie module sells prints, original drawings (framed and ready to take away) anf the new Conceptual Vandalism shirts

in Berlin - idrawalot sells prints of mine - not framed but ready to take away ;)

all over the world - via e-mail

- in some stores in Dresden (Büchers Best, Chamäleon,Supreme ) you can even find some of my recent designed shirts for conceptual vandalism show or publications like "muralismo morte". You can buy stuff as well at the conceptual vandalism show during events like the videoscreeing of spraymasters and the lecture of the spanish artist and teacher Javier Abarca

Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

Building up "Conceptual Vandalism"

First Photos of the build up of "Conceptual Vandalism" - exhibition at motorenhalle Dresden. " 90% photography 4% used materials 2% Video and 4 % ??? this is what conceptual Vandalism looks like - opening this friday 8 .pm. - motorenhalle Dresden more Infos here. Don't miss this show and the side events - all infos on

Dienstag, 20. November 2012

Boiling Ideas

I new work for City Bilder done in Dresden Friedrichstadt. Boiling Ideas is a weird work. I just throw a lot of visual information on the wall to cook a painting - that's why it s called boiling ideas, same difficult procedure like boiling eggs ;)

Sichtbetong 2012

This is a mural at this year edition of "Sichtbetong - Wandmaltage". A mural together with mexican painter Benuz.

Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

presentation "RAUM City Bilder - Kunst auf Brandwänden" catalogue

german press text : "2500 Quadratmeter bemalte Wandfläche, 18 Künstler, aus 9 Ländern - das Ergebnis von "RAUM City Bilder - Kunst auf Brandwänden" kann sich sehen lassen. Die Friedrichstadt wurde binnen eines Jahres um 10 großformartige Murals reicher und ist Europas "großformatigste" Galerie unter freiem Himmel für Zusammenarbeiten der Urban Art. Jens Besser lud dazu internationale Künstler u.a. aus Kanada, USA, Italien, Spanien oder Bulgarien ein. Die Künstler schufen innerhalb weniger Tage Wandbilder in intensiver Zusammenarbeit. Die Stilvielfalt zeigt einen Überblick über zeitgenössische Wandmalerei - von abstrakt über comichaft bis gegenständlich. Um dem Projekt einen gebürtigen Abschluss zu geben, wird am 12.10. der begleitende Katalog in der Dresdner Motorenhalle präsentiert. Jens Besser, Kurator und Künstler im Projekt, stellt die Wände und ihre Künstler in Wort und Bild vor. Dieses Projekt wird aus Mitteln der Europäischen Union und der Landeshauptstadt Dresden gefördert und ist in Kooperation mit dem riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden entstanden." place: Motorenhalle date: Friday - 12.10.2012 start: 8p.m. / 20:00 Uhr

Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

Geometric Playground

Geometric Playground is an experimental mix up drawing by using geometrical forms and some items of my sketched repertoire. I used an public holiday to paint and make a bbq with friends in a nice abandoned area. Unfortunatly lots of geocachers thought this day is perfect to find some caches in this abandoned area.More pictures of this work you can find on my photostream.

Freitag, 31. August 2012

Next Dates

Well before i forget to post it: Next week opens the show "hidden publics" at motorenhalle Dresden. Part of this exhibition are 6 photos of paintings i did on my travels in latin america and europe. Stuff on rotten surfaces or in abandoned buildings, some flix are unpublished works. The show focuses on photography which deals with hidden places and hidden subjects in public space. Opening - Wednesday - 5th September - 8 p.m.

8th Sept. - Theatre Fest - opening of the next season - Live Drawing ( start 6 p.m.) for "The Threepenny Opera" at Postplatz Dresden

 14th Sept. - Premiere of "The Threepenny Opera" - with live writing & drawing - Staatsschauspiel Dresden

 12th October - Presentation of "City Images - collaborative Muralism" - catalogue

Grosser Waggon

"Grosser Waggon" ( eng. "big wagon") is a recent Mural i did at Aerosol Arena Magdeburg. The title refers to the asterism "the Big Dipper" which is called in german " the big car". Some press news about this action here.

Montag, 6. August 2012

Just another nightshift - poster in the streets of Dresden

It s a work of the series " just another nightshift" i did in 2010. Finally I found a nice spot next to the trainline and near a passenger train yard.

Screen print for "Conceptual Vandalism" show in Dresden

Self made Posters done completly without photoshopping and co. for the November show of urban script continues - - "Conceptual Vandalism"

Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

Countryside Rhythm

Small mural (2,5m to 2m) in countryside of northern Saxony at Stroga-Festival. Stroga is in the north os Großenhain. An area muche influenced by agriculture. But at the same time Großenhain had one of the biggest air bases of eastern germany since the 1930's. After the changes they had the crazy plan to change this air base into an transport airport. They thought Dresden airport will be to small.Then the airport of Dresden expanded. Till today the Dresden Airport has much capacity and Großenhain Airport is just an empty field for rabbits and foxes. In the furture the agriculture will still dominate the area - and Festivals like Storga as well. Thanx Abu ( waterlounge crew ) for the Invitation and the nice time over there. ps: to go to Stroga Festival area you just need to take the train from Dresden - and within 50 minutes you are there. Don't forget to take your bike. there are 2 km of a ride from the Station of Zabeltitz to Stroga on a quite countryside road.

Freitag, 1. Juni 2012

Street Print - exhibition opening

This sunday (3rd June) the collaborative exhibition "Street Print" opens in Dresden. Participating artists are Xpome, 140 ideas, Tika and me. It's the first event of urban script continues 2012 - the scientific lessons in Dresden. On 7th of June urban script continues with lectures by Valeri Gyurov about "Graffiti in Sofia" and my "Latin american muraldiary" .

Opening of the show is at 3p.m.
galerie modul / Kunsthalle Dresden Königsbrücker Strasse 96 /Halle 7c

Freitag, 25. Mai 2012

Short Traveldiary

painting the "veetunnel"- This is prime painting in a tunnel formely used for cows. It's a beautiful spot in the countryside of netherlands. Total opposite atmosphere from my recent works in Cities like Santiago de Chile, Sofia or Dresden. Sometimes people pass by with dogs or kids and we have a relaxed smalltalk. a bigger flick here ps : I still look for a place, where i should leave a work just with these abstract forms.
Snake Train Collaboration - This is a smooth wall in chic bar in sofia. Valeri Gyurov invited us ( Shunzan & me ) to paint there. It was a nice job. Relaxed, tasty food and finally good music -from Valeri's mp3 palyer . bigger picture here
Mezdra 2011 (Cyanotype Drawing) - Last year Bozhidar Asenov took some pictures on a trip with friends. He finally developed some photos in cyanotypes. I made drawings over some of them. This on is called "Mezdra 2011" - Mezdra is a town in the north of Sofia, where we passed by on our trip - bigger picture here. Some comparable works you can find till 31st of May at the show nightshift in Sofia .

Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

usc2012 - "nightshift" - exhbition in Sofia

"urban script continues 2012 - the scientific lessons" starts ! The show " nightshift" of Bozhidar Asenov and me @ hip hip atelier Sofia is the first event of usc 2012.

The opening of the show is on 11th of May 7p.m.
The show runs till 31st of May
adress : Knyaz Boris Street 166

 urban script continues 2012 - happens in different locations in Dresden ( Germany) and Sofia ( Bulgaria). There are lectures, exhibitions and Muralpaintings. A block course of lectures and city walks happens from 13th till 16th of may in Dresden.

 Guided City Tours to City Bilder Murals with me happen on 15th and 16th of may 3 p.m.

 All Infos you can find online from 8th of may.

 urban script continues 2012 is supported by : Goethe Institut Sofia & Landeshauptstadt Dresden - Amt für Kultur- und Denkmalschutz

"The other side" in Usti Nad Labem

The recently opened show "the other side" moves to Usti nad Labem . Opening 7th may - 6p.m. - Fokus Kafe - Prokopa Divise 5, Usti nad Labem

Montag, 23. April 2012

Day & Night - for City Bilder Dresden

This is the other side around for City Bilder . Two walls, Two styles One person. The work is about "Day and Night". Just some experiences and thoughts. I finished my first huge solo (double)mural in Dresden Friedrichstadt. For each wall I had only 2 days. 2 days for transparent primer, primery paint and details. It was an crazy competion and it ended up with muscle ache in my whole body one day after the finishing. some impressions of the work
more pictures of the development of the wall here

Dienstag, 17. April 2012

The Other Side" - Exhibition in Dresden

Till 29.April i take part in a group show called " the other side". It s a collaborative Show inspired by Alfred Kubins book " The Other Side". We , Viktoria Graf, Zdenek Kveton, Marek Rubec and I , worked on the screenprint show during eastern.
the show is open from 4-8p.m..
Adress. "Runde Ecke" - Wachsbleichstrasse / Adlergasse , Dresden-Friedrichstadt

City Bilder - Go huge

Today I started my wall for City Bilder. Primed this wall two times - transparent preparation primer and white color . next step - yellow & orange shapes. tomorrow just painting lines ... 2 days one wall ;)

Freitag, 6. April 2012


New Work in Dresden-Neustadt area - "Konfusion& Träume" is a work inspired by contemporary life in Neustadt area and Alfred Kubins book "Die andere Seite".

This is just a step in between, but i'm looking for a place, where i could leave such a abstract painting. In Dresden-Neustadt it will be covered with tags in a few days. That's why i prefered the outlined version.

(for bigger picture click on the images.)

Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Portrait " czech train painter 1"

Continuing a series of drawings on tickets called "just another nightshift".
This is one of two portraits of a czech artist . He is a a close friend, but has always struggle for life. He lives in a small workers town, where nobody thinks a lot about art or escpaing from the workers life. It's a place where it's really difficult to escape especially when you don't have opportunities to study. You are trapped in everyday work. His last resorts from the boring everday life are drugs ( beer and canabis), music and painting crazy stuff in his town.

Montag, 26. März 2012

"Träumer" - first sketch for the exhibition "Die andere Seite" in Dresden

"Träumer" is my first sketch for the exhibition "Die andere Seite" in Dresden. It' s an exchange project with the german artist Viktoria Graf and two artists from Litomerice - the town where Alfred Kubin was born. Alfred Kubin is the author of the -Book " Die andere Seite". It's an dark novel about the city of dreamers , which looks much more like a nightmare to the chief character of the book.

For the show we print a series of screenprints - inspired by the book and the exchange of ideas between czech artists and german.
more informations about this show here

Montag, 19. März 2012

Porto Alegre - inside works

"work'n'travel" was my last work in Porto Alegre this year. I did this one at the place of my hosts - Elisa and Felipe. Thanx a lot for the nice place and all the contacts in Porto Alegre. Hope to see them again ... next year. The painting features inspirations of the couple's life and some impressions from my trip.

I did not find a title for this work. It's nearly 270 degrees. I choosed that corner in Daniel's flat, because the painting can go up to the ceiling and again down to the wall. It reminds me on painting in empty buildings in Dresden. I used to paint a lot in abandoned flats. There you always found different strange conditions. Flats full of trash, or just empty. Sometimes a homeless sleeping place. It was always inspiring. Thanx a lot Daniel - for the opportunity to paint, the good food, the book ...

( and the helpfull payment )

Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

el viaje de la vida

"el viaje de la vida" by Godi, Mr. Rik and Jens Besser

Yesterday night we finished the drawings and today we covered the work with finish ... great feeling after hard work during 4 days.
check out the side of "museo a cielo abierto en san miguel" in Santiago de chile

thanx a lot to David&Karol, Roberto & Family, Hozeh &Seba and the mixart crew. It was great to paint over there !!!

bigger image here

ps - in front you see a typical street wulf from san miguel

Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

Latin America Tour 2012 - Chile

Since I´m in Chile i just painted. 3 Walls in Valparaiso are finished. And th 4th at "museo a cielo abierto san miguel" is finished tomorrow.
The museo is organized by an art association based in San Miguel/Santiago de Chile. It s kind of a grassroots Organisation which exists in San Miguel for several years. The "museo" is curted by the artist mono gonzalez. Mono is a well know muralist at the age of 65 - and active for lot of years. One of his most famous works is in a metrostation in Santiago.

The Mural i participate in is a group work of 3 artists - Godi from Brazil , Mr Rik from Germany and I.It´s kind of crazy to paint all day long ... and i think i need a break at a beautifull beach.

one of 3 collaborations in Valparaiso - more pictures of works in Valpo here

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

Monstra Festival - Lisbon

My work "sneak, paint, run" is shown on the monstra animation festival in Lisbon as part of a german section of short films curated by André Eckardt (DIAF) - that s why i made a relaunch of my video - in better quality ... at the festival they exhibit the video and my sketches in tickets :)

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

schedule 2012

screenprint for calendar of "WerkstadtladenLöbtau" - done in december 2011

and a few dates from my schedule for 2012 ...

April 2012 - City Images wallpainting event - more infos here

April2012 - German-Czech Artist Collaboration in Dresden - more infos soon

14-15 April 2012 "self made/trash screenprinting" course at riesa efau Dresden - more infos here

21-22 April 2012 "street art stencil" course at riesa efau Dresden - more infos here

May- June 2012 - German-Bulgarian Muralist Exchange wallpainting in Dresden & Sofia - more infos soon

June 2012 - urban script continues 2012 - the scientfic lessons lectures and city walks in Dresden - more infos soon

July 2012 - "street art/ art in public space" course at Technical University Dresden - study course "padagogy of art"

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