Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

In Schiedam @ the Lastplak wall

I was invited to paint on a huge wall in Schiedam (Rotterdam area). Organized by Peter of Lastplak - ( the whole wall ) is 120 meters long and 7 meters high. The wall is located on the trainline between Achiedam and Amsterdam. 15 artists took part in painting this wall. great spot , great stuff ... and maybe the biggest dutch contemporary mural - big thanks to peter

abstract series

Continued to work on my abstract series. Lines and a lot drips. I made this one in a huge block house , which will be demolished in decmeber 2011. This painting is part of "urban script continues 2011 - Lak Aan Braak".

manual device II

This is actually the second sketch titled "manual device". Just made this during my residency in Heerlen/NL.

ink on black paper
size: 21cmx29,7cm

Montag, 2. Mai 2011

"De Cis Ion"

A work about decisions. How to make decisions ( by listening music), how chemistry and CPUs are connected and what they tell us about decisions - YES, NO , TRUE or NOT and what MAYBE means.
"urban script continues 2011 - Lak Aan Braak" is a wallpainting project in Heerlen curated by Robert Kaltenhäuser and me in cooperation with KUS.

more infos here

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