Freitag, 26. Februar 2016

Riadh Part II

Feel Free - Mural in abandoned house in Riadh/Saudi Arabia During the second day of my stay in Riadh i explored the area around the Hotel. I found an abandoned house where it was possible to paint in a hidden alley because of strong shadows. In the building a Saudi lives who decided not to live the normal "Saudi-life". He uses a bicycle to buy the daily newspapers - A "real" Saudi always uses his car. He lives in that house without comfort like air condition. But he was really relaxed and peacefull. He liked the works we did there and said "thanks for the cool stuff " - I was suprised about his good spoken english. That's why my last work at this spot included his bicycle and is called "Feel free". The piece is done with oilstick and smashed sprays.
Feel Free - work in Riadh/Saudi Arabie
2nd Workshop - Saudi Arabia -Riadh At the same house I did a second workshop with locals. We painted the ground to connect the walls to a huge piece. It was a crazy action, because we smahsed nearly all the cans which we took to the place and it smelled extremly.

During my exploration i found lots of walls with sprayed mobile phone numbers. All the numbers are written by workers who look out for jobs, such as teachers, construction builders and so on. Sometimes they write detailed descriptions of their skills. In my eyes tagging at its best. looking for a job - do graffiti on a wall in Riadh

Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2016

Halle - Dresden - Riadh

scheme for proposal "Competition Kunst am Bau finance office Halle/Saale" Sometimes german winter makes me extremly frustrated. This year’s winter I worked on a muralproposal and murals. I didn’t really recognized that winter was there. In January i worked for a participation of „Kunst am Bau“ for the new build finance office of Halle/Saale - Germany. I was selected to participate in the competition. My proposal was a contemporary sgraffito work on the facade of the building. Finally i won the third prize. From 3rd to 22nd March all proposals are exhibited in the finance office of Halle/Saale - Germany.

Try out for proposal "Competition Kunst am Bau finance office Halle/Saale"
After i finished my proposal i came again to Saudi-Arabia. I was invited to participate with a graffiti & street art workshop at Janadriiah Festival / Riadh. The authorities didn’t allow the workshop on the festival area, but we did a workshop in the diplomatique quarter.
Workshop - Riadh/Saudi Arabia - Diplomatique Quarter
Because the workshop didn't happen at the festival area I had enough time to do more stuff together with some locals and i visited again Jeddah.
Here the first impressions from Riadh inculding some works.
Riadh Impression - part one
Riadh drawing - empty lots everywhere
1st Riadh drawing - empty lots everywhere

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