Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Review "Der Gelbe Klang"

This Video shows the first scene of the art project "Der Gelbe Klang" (eng. The yellow sound) live painting by Jens Besser, projection by Stefan Schwarzer and sound by Felix Krüger Der Gelbe Klang - more Infos here , earlier post about "Der Gelbe Klang"

Montag, 24. Januar 2011

The Invited Vandal

Last saturday I had a great performance.
For " the invited vandal" nobody was allowed to enter the gallery space. All visitors had to wait outside. Free coffee from a thermos flask was offered to the visitors. The visitors had to wait for me, like painters wait for painted trains in the station.
From time to time I entered the gallery space to make some paintings on the walls. The rest of the time i stayed in the office of the gallery. Stefan Schwarzer took some action photos. During the Performance i even got a call by a reporter. He asked me if i could come outside to make some more lines on the wall, just for a press picture ...
The paintings are visible 24 hours from outside - like street art . nobody needs to enter the show. On 31st of march we will present the catalogue of the show.
Thanx to all visitors ... i had a perfect opening of this show !!!
more pictures of the show - here

Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

First Action At Bautzner 69

First action photos for my solo show at Bautzner 69 - the invited vandal .

Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

Welcome 2011 ...

Happy new year 2011!!

As posted before I will have my first Solo Show in Dresden at Bautzner 69. I start to work in the Gallery during the next week. For all those who like to see the process. You can always have a look from outside what's going on there.

I finally got Fotos - thanx MAX - of a Performance done last November at Projekttheater in Dresden-Neustadt together with Max Loeb and Martin Büss. A really funny one. Using tape, paint, sound scapes and a wheelchair, which we found in the theatre.
more Fotos of the show here

And last but not least I will hold a course at Sommerakademie Dresden . More infos about the course soon. If you're not able to be part of the course, there's another one about stencil at riesa-efau. And if you don't like workshops at all - you can have a look at the Sommerakademie Exhibition ;)

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