Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

Countryside Rhythm

Small mural (2,5m to 2m) in countryside of northern Saxony at Stroga-Festival. Stroga is in the north os Großenhain. An area muche influenced by agriculture. But at the same time Großenhain had one of the biggest air bases of eastern germany since the 1930's. After the changes they had the crazy plan to change this air base into an transport airport. They thought Dresden airport will be to small.Then the airport of Dresden expanded. Till today the Dresden Airport has much capacity and Großenhain Airport is just an empty field for rabbits and foxes. In the furture the agriculture will still dominate the area - and Festivals like Storga as well. Thanx Abu ( waterlounge crew ) for the Invitation and the nice time over there. ps: to go to Stroga Festival area you just need to take the train from Dresden - and within 50 minutes you are there. Don't forget to take your bike. there are 2 km of a ride from the Station of Zabeltitz to Stroga on a quite countryside road.

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