Samstag, 30. April 2011

In Action @ Schunck's Tosca

I painted this fast work on the outside shell of Tosca - a project by Jean Michel Crapanzano. More infos about Tosca here
you can see tosca live via videostream here.

Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

Een snufje Berlijn in Heerlen

Today the local newspaper of Heerlen wrote something about Lak Aan Braak - check it out here

Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Lak Aan Braak - Heerlen/Netherlands

Just painted this wall together with Skount from Almagro/Spain in Heerlen/Netherlands
"urban script continues 2011 - Lak Aan Braak" is a wallpainting project in Heerlen curated by Robert Kaltenhäuser and me in cooperation with KUS.

more infos here

Montag, 11. April 2011

"Just In Time" - mural for "15,50€" group show

"Just In time" is a mural for the group show "15,50€" curated by Stefan Schwarzer and Matthias Höhl at Burg Giebichenstein (Hermes Areal) Halle. It focuses on the topic of public transport in Halle and the agglomeration of "Halle-Leipzig". Huge photo here.
More works i made in Halle/Saale you can find on my flickr stream

Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

Diary Of Interrail

Last weekend I painted a mural in an abandoned factory in the countryside of Dresden. It s called " Dairy Of Interrail" ... just a few memories of interrailing in good old Europe and travelling in South-America. For bigger picture click on the image.

Montag, 4. April 2011

15,50€ - group show

Just taking part in a group show in Halle/Saale about urban mobility called "15,50€".

participating artists: Martin Haufe - Leipzig, Marwin Rüffer - Trier, Christian Zabel - Leipzig, Tobias von Mach - Leipzig, Wilhelm Frederking – Chemnitz

curated by Stefan Schwarzer and Matthias Höhl

place: Hermes, Hermesstrasse 5 , 06118 Halle/Saale, Germany

opening: Friday, 08.04.2011 - 6 p.m.

open: 09.04.2011 - 10.04.2011 from 10a.m. - 6 p.m.

Freitag, 1. April 2011

New sketches - in Motion, chain reaction , liebestaumel

After a succesfull presentation of my first solo catalogue and finisage at bautzner 69, i just posted few sketches I made in the last weeks. It's just a selection of my favorites . Check them out on my flickr stream .
ps: Photos of the Finisage coming soon.

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