Freitag, 25. Mai 2012

Short Traveldiary

painting the "veetunnel"- This is prime painting in a tunnel formely used for cows. It's a beautiful spot in the countryside of netherlands. Total opposite atmosphere from my recent works in Cities like Santiago de Chile, Sofia or Dresden. Sometimes people pass by with dogs or kids and we have a relaxed smalltalk. a bigger flick here ps : I still look for a place, where i should leave a work just with these abstract forms.
Snake Train Collaboration - This is a smooth wall in chic bar in sofia. Valeri Gyurov invited us ( Shunzan & me ) to paint there. It was a nice job. Relaxed, tasty food and finally good music -from Valeri's mp3 palyer . bigger picture here
Mezdra 2011 (Cyanotype Drawing) - Last year Bozhidar Asenov took some pictures on a trip with friends. He finally developed some photos in cyanotypes. I made drawings over some of them. This on is called "Mezdra 2011" - Mezdra is a town in the north of Sofia, where we passed by on our trip - bigger picture here. Some comparable works you can find till 31st of May at the show nightshift in Sofia .

Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

usc2012 - "nightshift" - exhbition in Sofia

"urban script continues 2012 - the scientific lessons" starts ! The show " nightshift" of Bozhidar Asenov and me @ hip hip atelier Sofia is the first event of usc 2012.

The opening of the show is on 11th of May 7p.m.
The show runs till 31st of May
adress : Knyaz Boris Street 166

 urban script continues 2012 - happens in different locations in Dresden ( Germany) and Sofia ( Bulgaria). There are lectures, exhibitions and Muralpaintings. A block course of lectures and city walks happens from 13th till 16th of may in Dresden.

 Guided City Tours to City Bilder Murals with me happen on 15th and 16th of may 3 p.m.

 All Infos you can find online from 8th of may.

 urban script continues 2012 is supported by : Goethe Institut Sofia & Landeshauptstadt Dresden - Amt für Kultur- und Denkmalschutz

"The other side" in Usti Nad Labem

The recently opened show "the other side" moves to Usti nad Labem . Opening 7th may - 6p.m. - Fokus Kafe - Prokopa Divise 5, Usti nad Labem

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