Freitag, 30. Mai 2014

presentations and artist talks in Bulgaria

My schedule for presentations of my work get's more and more clear.

Ruse 3.6.2014, 6p.m. - Dom Elias Canetti

Burgas 6.6.2014 (time is not set yet)- geo milev/goethe - school

Varna 12.6.,7.30 p.m. - contemporary space

Sofia 16.6., 3p.m. - Goethe Institut Sofia

After Bulgaria I'm back in Germany invited for a discussion called "Kulturpolitischer Salon" in Leipzig - 26.6., 8p.m. Halle14 (Spinnerei Leipzig)

Kresna - Pampa - Varna

The last two stops brought me in two directions. For my first stop i went to the south of Sofia in direction to Greece. Along the trainline I found a nice abandoned old stop. As most people know ( who follow my works constantly ) I'm a bit fanatic about trains and public transport. That's why I used the opportunity to paint the first station named after me - gara beser. After that i moved in direction to the coast to meet up with the most talented street artist (in my eyes) from Bulgaria - Fars. He is not just talented , he is extremly active. While my stay of 4 days in the city of Varna, we went out painting every single day. He showed me a lot of different sights of Varna. We painted at the beach, inside a socialist monument , along the trainline and on a well frequented underpass. All the works were done without permission, but the people enjoyed our works - they offered us drinks (at the beach) or just said "nice work and good luck". Here just one impression - more follow soon, after I hold my final presentation in Sofia at Goethe Institut on 16th of June. An eventlink is coming soon. I'm in Varna again on 12th at the contemporary space to show some of my works in an artist talk. My next stop is Russe - Here i hold my presentation on 3rd of June at Dom Elias Canetti - all infos you can find on the link ( infos exist as well in Български )

Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

Geo Milev/Goethe School in Burgas

Some Details of the work I finished in Burgas at Geo Milev &Goethe School - thanx a lot to Hamalogika and Martin Pavlov I'm again in Burgas for a lecture during the 6th of June - to present some of my mural projects and works I did in the recent years. My Next stop is Plovdiv!

Freitag, 16. Mai 2014

First mural finished ...

Yesterday I finished the first wall on my tour at Concordia in Sofia. The materials , small roller and acrylic paint, made me work different then usually. It's a connection of abstract forms and drawings. Thanx a lot to my local support - Desi, Diki and Valo!

Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2014

Bulgaria - Here we go !

After a lot press articles about a request for more "legal walls" in Dresden I 'm back in my favorite country - Bulgaria. This year I do a mural and public drawing tour through the country. My trip will lead me to Sofia, Burgas, Plovdiv, Russe, Varna and some more unknown places. The whole tour is supported by Goethe Institut Sofia. Today i start a wall in Sofia... Let's see what happens.

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