Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

Christmas as usual / Business as usual

I'm sorry but this post is kind of advertisment for buying nice things to give them away at christmas eve to friends and peple that you like. And because Artists need to survive from selling stuff, not only by teaching at schools and universities, stealing old food from the garbage can ( called dumpster diving ) and air from latin america ( i love it, even it's dirty) - i want to give some advise about places where you can buy some prints and works of mine.

this is one example - "Left traces in Namur" is a limited screen print for the show "Conceptual Vandalism" available in Dresden at Galerie Module or via e-mail. Price: 42€ (unframed) 70€ (framed with passepartout)

in Dresden - galerie module sells prints, original drawings (framed and ready to take away) anf the new Conceptual Vandalism shirts

in Berlin - idrawalot sells prints of mine - not framed but ready to take away ;)

all over the world - via e-mail

- in some stores in Dresden (Büchers Best, Chamäleon,Supreme ) you can even find some of my recent designed shirts for conceptual vandalism show or publications like "muralismo morte". You can buy stuff as well at the conceptual vandalism show during events like the videoscreeing of spraymasters and the lecture of the spanish artist and teacher Javier Abarca

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