Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2019

Infinite Transportation - a tribute to the never stopping traffic flow

From May 27 to June 3, I realized the large-format mural "Infinite Transportation" - in German "Der Unendliche Verkehr". The mural can be seen at the new hotel Antonstraße 43 in Dresden.

I revisit the basic form of the upright infinity loop in this work. Already in 2013, I used the vertical infinity sign for the series "Train of Infinity" and let international trains draw circles forever. The vertical loop adapts optimally to the vertical length of the façade.

On closer inspection, you can see on the one hand rail, air, bus, bicycle and boat traffic, on the other hand you will also find hidden details like revereing to underground cultures such as the "Hipster Hobo" and a rave party under the bridge, the hashtag #Metatreno painted on a freight train or a moving house on a freight car - a reverence to Adams & Itso's art pieces.
The work also reflects current aspects and discussions about transport policy. Cargo bikes and electric powered drone aircraft can be seen in the upper and lower areas.

Many more details await the lingering observer day and night. The artwork will be visible at night after completion of the building in dimmed light. The work was realized with a mixture of façade paints and acrylic spray paints. all photos by Sven Ellger

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