Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

Taichung Timelapse

Thanx to the Goethe Institut Taipei, Goodot Village and Dr.Karsten Steinmetz I was invited to paint the facade of the former Honolulu Club in Taichung/Taiwan for Face Off art project. I had nice days there and would like say "Thanx a lot" to the whole Face Off crew. The place was incredibily nice. An old abandoned club in the middle of the old downtown. 5 minutes to Taichung mainstation and a lot scooters, cars and buses passing by. I really enjoyed to breathe the atmosphere while painting at this extremly crowed corner. Unfortunatly the Face Off project officially ends on january 12th, but the painting will be there in the future. Hopefully there will be more projects like Face Off in Taichung - the old downtown has lot's of places and space to fill up with experimental art.

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