Montag, 18. März 2013

This Time German

Mal zur Abwechslung ein deutscher Post - Übersetzungsvorschläge zum Text sind natürlich willkommen. Dieser Text erschien im Katalog zu " jetzt hier. Gegenwartskunst. Aus dem Kunstfonds " "Jens Besser ist ein international vernetzter Street-Art-Künstler. Sein Atelier ist der öffentliche Raum und sein erklärtes Ziel, mehr Freiraum zu schaffen für die Kunst jenseits der Leinwände und Ausstellungsräume. Er leistet künstlerischen Widerstand gegen den Trend zunehmender Privatisierung, Bürokratisierung und Überwachung und hinterfragt das Kunst-Markt-System ebenso wie das Konsumverhalten. Regelmäßig lädt Besser zu Projekten und Workshops ein, die – nicht selten auch am Rande der Legalität – im Stadtraum, an offiziellen Kunst- und inoffiziell angeeigneten Orten stattfinden und die In- und Outsider des Kunstbetriebs zusammenführen. Die Serie „thoughts between stations and superstores“ umreißt den Bewegungsradius eines Street-Art-Künstlers in Einsatz: zwischen Bahnhöfen und Supermärkten. (Silke Wagler, 2013)"

Interrail Chemistry

"Interrail Chemistry" is a mural for my solo show "Diaries of Interrail" in Berlin. The work is located in the gallery idrawalot . The show runs till 30.3.2013. After the show the work will be painted over.

Interview & Video for

Just recently i gave an interview to ilovegraffiti for their series 5 minutes on arte creative. The Video shows videofootages that people send me & which I took in recent years in Dresden and Berlin. I talk about the show conceptual vandalism and my work of collecting non-writing stuff on trains on my trainworks-blog The written interview on is a bit more detailed but only in German.
A Big Thanks goes out to Rene of !

Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

"Diaries of Interrail" in Berlin

The official Press release...
"Diaries of Interrail" by Jens Besser in Berlin

On Thursday March 7th, the exhibition " Diaries of Interrail" by Jens Besser opens. It's the first official solo-show in Berlin by the artist. Besser is well know for his urban art projects Muralismo Morte ( 2009/2010), Lak Aan Braak ( 2011) , City Bilder ( 2011/12) or Conceptual Vandalism (2012) this time exhibits his own works.

He shows a series of drawings on tickets and silk screen prints. Besser started this series in 2010 when he received a stipend by the cultural fund of Saxony for his project "Trainwork(er)s - tracing shadows of the night". For the project Besser traveled thorugh south Europa via interrail. He met international train painters and made portrait drawings of them in his own style. On his travel he wrote texts, made sketches and painted walls about the topic of painting trains.

In 2010 he moved mainly through the Balkan area and met artists like "Slow from Beograd" , "Kareem of Sofia" or "Ranzlow". Later he traveled to Italy to meet Aris and continued to Spain to meet Kenor & H101. He visited as well Austria and Czech Republic. The Czech artist Sense Jens Besser met severel times. Portraits of "Sense" been used for silk screen prints "Sense from Otrokovice" in different varieties.

After parts of the show been exhibited in group shows in Montreal, Sofia, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Dresden now the series is shown for the first time completly in Berlin.

About the artist

Jens Besser finished his studies at the academy of fine arts Dresden in 2008. Since then is an active freelance artist. Official murals by Besser can be found in Santiago de Chile , Oaxaca (MEX) , Sofia (BG), Heerlen (NL) , Hamburg , Leipzig or Dresden e.g. Jens Besser lives in Dresden and works all over Europe.
In 2010 he got a stipend by the cultiural fund of Saxony.
In 2012 the fund of art Saxony bought a series of works by Besser. The works are exhibited till 30th of may in the show " jetzt hier. Gegenwartskunst. aus dem Kunstfonds".

dates of the exhibition

opening: Thursday 7.3.2013 - 7 p.m.
exhibitions runs from 8. till 30. of march 2013
opening times of the gallery: tuesday - Friday 12 a.m.- 6 p.m.,  Wednesday 12a.m. - 9p.m. , Saturday 1p.m. - 6p.m.

adress: Idrawalot - Boddinstrasse 60, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln

Freitag, 1. März 2013

"jetzt hier" opening & guided tour

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As the youngest participant of the show "jetzt hier. Gegenwartskunst. aus dem Kunstfonds" I'm happy to announce as well the publishing of a well done small catalogue for the show. It's more like a booklet that reminds me on another nice catalogue i had years ago in my hands. Maybe the aim was to make a booklet that fit's into a bag of art collectors and world travelling curators instead of producing another heavy weight book. I really like the idea and the price is fair, too. Only 5€. But the catalogue is not the only thing i like to promote. Today i offer a guided tour in Dresden - Friedrichstadt - to Murals and public interventions in Dresden-Friedrichstadt - feel free to come around - start 4 p.m. - Adlergasse 14 / riesa efau entrance - there is no fee - donations are always welcome ;)

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