Freitag, 31. August 2012

Next Dates

Well before i forget to post it: Next week opens the show "hidden publics" at motorenhalle Dresden. Part of this exhibition are 6 photos of paintings i did on my travels in latin america and europe. Stuff on rotten surfaces or in abandoned buildings, some flix are unpublished works. The show focuses on photography which deals with hidden places and hidden subjects in public space. Opening - Wednesday - 5th September - 8 p.m.

8th Sept. - Theatre Fest - opening of the next season - Live Drawing ( start 6 p.m.) for "The Threepenny Opera" at Postplatz Dresden

 14th Sept. - Premiere of "The Threepenny Opera" - with live writing & drawing - Staatsschauspiel Dresden

 12th October - Presentation of "City Images - collaborative Muralism" - catalogue

Grosser Waggon

"Grosser Waggon" ( eng. "big wagon") is a recent Mural i did at Aerosol Arena Magdeburg. The title refers to the asterism "the Big Dipper" which is called in german " the big car". Some press news about this action here.

Montag, 6. August 2012

Just another nightshift - poster in the streets of Dresden

It s a work of the series " just another nightshift" i did in 2010. Finally I found a nice spot next to the trainline and near a passenger train yard.

Screen print for "Conceptual Vandalism" show in Dresden

Self made Posters done completly without photoshopping and co. for the November show of urban script continues - - "Conceptual Vandalism"

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