Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

farbsafari painting performance @ steinhaus

on saturday night i had a live painting performance - painting this door - together with and " the friendlines is going happy" playing some fresh and really good music
this final result is a second paint over .... to much web, to many pictures , to much media theory ...

workshop@ steinhaus - just gone crazy

recently hold a sticker workshop @steinhaus bautzen - funny creative kids - but to much for my arty farty mind .. sorry gone crazyyyy

Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

still remembering "muralismo morte"

finisage of "muralismo morte" april 2009 - thanx to all participating artists ... muralismo morte book is coming soon ;)

mir kommen immer dann ideen ....

unfinished work @ KOLONI - Public Canvas
more about public canvas

kainkonzept(m.) @ ostrale 2009

huge wallpainting at Ostrale 2009

urban script europe -workshop camp in görlitz

urban script europe - 10 german and 10 polish painters melt together in the small town görlitz. this town is divided in two parts , caused by a border between germany and poland.

the workshop camp took part in summer 2009 @ nostromo area Görlitz

street art workshop goes palucca school of dance

summer 2009 is managed a stencil&sticker workshop at palucca school of dance in framework of the "urban culture week"
thiw workshop week was iniciated by
prof. gabrielle staiger - professor of educational science of dance.
for results click here :

"kainkonzept(Acryl)" - muralismo morte- relaunched

jens besser "kainkonzept(Acryl)" at fokus festival görlitz muralismo morte relaunched was also curated by me. participating artists: other (Monteral), 1010(Hamburg), Saddo(Cluj), MTN(Weimar), Syru(Leipzig), Wurstbande (Berlin), Zonenkinder (Hamburg) and many more

wall painting workshop @ idee 01239 e.V.

workshop about wall painting in rooms together with young writers and street art painters. the workshop runs this year, started in 2009.the main aim is to organize a street art festival in the area of dresden prohlis managed by the participating young artists.

in septmeber 2009 mdr showed a short feature in the daily news about my guided tours to painted abandoned buildings in dresden

still updating my profile

this time a sketch of my new series " just another nighshift".
the sketch shows a crazy moving guy . a trainpainter who reflects about things that happen usually before, during and after painting a train .
"just another nighshift" is part of " trainworkers - tracing shadows of the nights" in framwork of my stipend by "kulturstiftung des freistaates sachsen"

Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

creative revolutionizer - article in prinz-dresden / lifestyle,culture magazine

Opening of "pixelpopulation" - show at Medienkulturhaus Pentacon - November/Dezember 2009
canvas " muralism pentacon" for exhibition project " strömungen/proudeni" at runde ecke dresden. - riesa efau / Adlergasse 14 (Runde Ecke und Galerie Adlergasse) the work is about D.A. Siqueiros, R. Sitte , street artists, K. Logos and prehistoric man Vernissage: Sa 07.11.09, 18 Uhr, Ausstellung: 10.11.- 27.11.09, Die – Fr, 14 – 20 Uhr

took part in the show " moving artitst - bewegung der künstler" at motorenhalle dresden - curated by frank eckhardt and michal kolecek.

first foto above shows the first installation of " andata muralismo morte" at motorenhalle. foto below -

second foto the installation at galerie emila filly in usti nad labem ( ) exhibition was running from 21.10-28.11. 2009

the work is a connection of a abstract map of europe with travelroutes and added Fotos. The fotos show works i painted on travels in europe - mainly southern europe. Paintings done on old walls and in abandoned buildings - my main painting activity.

pixelpopulation goes Leipzig Plagwitz - new screenrpints for public space
local student newspaper " adrem" just published a interview about street art, exhibition projects and art on universities
talking about " trainworks" @ pecha kucha night dresden at friedrichstadtzentral - February 2010

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