Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

chalk sketching on friday,saturday and sunday

foto taken by Stefan Schwarzer (Halle)

During the "Stadtfest Dresden" i made several chalk actions for my project "public con temporary". I wasn' t able to take pictures of all. I hope these impressions offer insights - more pictures of "public con temporary" via urbanscript foto stream

Freitag, 20. August 2010

Pixelpopulation goes huge

Dresden Stadtfest - 2010 - "public con temporary"
Pixelpopulation goes huge as part of "public con temporary" - a public art project along the river Elbe.
check the map here

Big Thanx to Matthias Thomas of mare-floors for printing this work.

for more infos about "public con temporary" check urban script continues website

Dienstag, 17. August 2010

My Boys And Me

Sorry only in German language. Newspaper article about "Sichtbeton Wandmaltage".
I like the Foto. Looks like some fancy fotoshooting of a fresh new upcoming fashion label called "used trash denim".

Montag, 16. August 2010

Yellow Lines

Another day at a beautifull spot. I hope this area will stay for a while. There are lot s of smooth walls. Just perfect for painting with brush and roller.

I continued an earlier work
more Fotos of this day you find here

Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Muralismo Morte - lecture at IBUg

I'm invited to hold the lecture "Muralismo Morte - muralism in abandonned factories and on rotten walls" at IBUg 2010.
The lecture features wallpaintings from all over the world - mostly in old Factories. There will be a short preview on my upcoming book, too.

Date: 28th of August at 2 p.m.
Place: Former "VEB Textilwerk Palla" Moritz-Oswalt-Straße in Meerane/Germany

picture above: a work at "urban script camp / ZwischengrünFestival 2009 in Leipzig/Germany"

Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Sichtbeton - Collective Work With Stefan Schwarzer

This is a detail of an abstract collective wall together with Stefan Schwarzer from Leipzig in Dresden-Prohlis.
If you want to see the whole wall - here it is.

Mittwoch, 4. August 2010

Sichtbeton - Wandmaltage

This weekend i paint at "Sichtbeton". A small painting festival in Dresden-Prohlis.
check the program via

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