Dienstag, 29. April 2014

"Refugien" - new mural in Dresden

Just recently I finished my first official mural this year. It is located in Dresden-Friedrichstadtand painted on private property. Thanx a lot to the owners of this huge Blockhouse.

The work is called "Refugien" ( engl. hideaways). It shows different types of housing in the down part of the mural. Coffee-machine, piano, drink-box - all transformed into Buildings. The Buildings are located on artificial iles - like Venice houses build on artificial ground. In the back of the buildings you see the ocean.

The upper part is more open. It is filled by symbols of time (differnt types of clocks), travel ( ship and backpack) and sketching ( pencil and pencil sharpener). My idea was to bring ideas to the wall , why people live in such a Building - an old, nearly unrenovated Blockhouse.

Maybe it's because they found space in this Buildung where the could just live their lifestyle.
The House has a great mixture of people - students, poor people, immigrants, old people who like the view from their flat in the 6th floor. Most of the visitors think that this Building is really ugly and people inside are kind of frustrated to live in such a Building. But I think it's not true. If you live in a posh area you have to be silent, don't make any dirt, you're only welcome if you wear expensive clothing.
In this Blockhouse - everbody can just live his way. You can look fucked up, you don't need to care to much about noise and the rent is low ... That's why this Builidng can be kind of a shelter for refugees from all the other districts of the city.

Weird but maybe true ... more pictures about the work here

Donnerstag, 3. April 2014

Abandoned Painting 2014

After a long winter break - spring arrives and painting murals starts again ... Aris at work on our collaboration wall in the dark factory. Click on the foto to see the collaboration in higher resolution. Just a detail.

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