Sonntag, 13. November 2011

CityBilder - Mural action in Dresden

"in action"

Finished work !

Last week I finished a new Mural in Dresden together with Xpome&More from Bulgaria for "City Bilder " - in English "City Images - collaborative Murals in Dresden". For a bigger picture of the the finished wall clickhere. More infos about City Bilder you can find
here - till now only in German.

Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

CityBilder - Kunst auf Brandwänden

CityBilder is a mural project that starts this Friday - 14th of October.
The english title is : CityImages - Collaborative Murals in Dresden
It continues a series of public art in Dresden Friedrichstadt. ( CityBrache / ) happened in 2004 and festured mainly Installations an city wastelands. CityBilder will feature International Muralists who already collaborated together. Walls are painted between 16th and 28th of October.

The project is organized by riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden - Frank Eckhardt and Jens Besser


Frm & Otecki (Wroclaw, PL)
Ryan Spring Dooley (Mineapolis, USA) & Moneyless (Lucca, IT)
Other (Montreal, CA) & Saddo (Bukarest, RO)
Kenor & H101 (Barcelona, E)
Graphic Surgery (Amsterdam, NL)
Xpome (Sofia, BG)
Stefan Schwarzer (Halle, D) & Jens Besser (Dresden, D)

hip hip atelier Sofia

Together with Xpome from Sofia this painting was done. It's at a fresh Gallery/Atelier which is called "hip hip atelier" in the old town area - near to the women's market. it s a great area and you cen get great arabic bread over there. All lettering works are by Xpome ( featuring friends and magazin covers), the sneaking skeleton is my part.

Tickets,Sticker, Sketches ...

I'm back from a beautiful Trip through Bulgaria. On the way i found some Stickers, to paint on. Just some impressions on the travel. bigger picture here

Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

open source 'n' networks

This is a collaboration with my favorite art partner Stefan Schwarzer. It was painted during the Fokus Festival 2011. I titled the work "open source 'n' networking". It is a message to the Fokus Festival and the whole audience. It is really important to share ideas, developments and at least contacts - without thinking about any profits. Profit is something which generates by it s own. That s what i think .

LOKO11 - Heerlen

After holding a succesfull pecha kucha presentation about "muralismo morte" at Pecha Kucha Maastricht , I'm invited to present "Lak Aan Braak" at LOKO11 in Heerlen. LOKO11 is "the national convention of commissioned art professionals of netherlands". It takes place at the Royal Theater in Heerlen. We will offer a guided tour.

Samstag, 27. August 2011

A quik clip in muralistic history

"A quik clip in muralistic history " is a painting for the show " Produktionsgenossenschaft Kunst am Bau Dresden - 1958-1990". More infos about the exhibition ( only german !) here. video documentation of the work - here , better resolution photo here

Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Creativity & Industries

"Creativity& Industries" is about the realtionship of creative people (left) and the industries (right).
I did this work for the art festival "Begehungen" in Chemnitz/Germany. Bigger photo here

On Saturday, 5 p.m. i present my Book Muralismo Morte over there. Check the web for more infos :

Dienstag, 16. August 2011

The Tragedy Of Commander Juri - in the stress field between calmness and progress

This work is titled: "The Tragedy Of Commander Juri - in the stress field between calmness and progress"
in german : "Die Tragödie des Kommander Juri im Spannungsfeld zwischen Gelassenheit und Fortschritt"
The mural is done on a school building during the Sichtbeton Mural Festival in Dresden- Prohlis. More about the Festival here

Better resolution of the photo above here and more detailed pictures here

Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

Results of SOAK course - 2011

This is one of the two stop motion videos done during my course at summer academy Dresden. The second video you can find here.

Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

artbase 2011 - grabowsee

This work is called - Just coffee in the head but thinking 'bout the world of CHEMISTRY

The last days i made new works at artbase2011 which is based at the former "Heilstätten Grabowsee". During the last weeks lot s of artists went to this historical abandoned area to paint all over. Saturday this art event opens. On Sunday i hold a lecture about muralismo morte, too. See you in Brandenburg ;)

This work is called " From Electrification of Brandenburg till the time machine of Juri" . Better resolution of this photo here

Montag, 1. August 2011

Hoy Neu, Hoy

After finishing my stencil workshop in Hoyerswerda, i was asked to do some more works in public space of Hoyerswerda. All electricity stations of the city were offered. To Much To Do.
Benuz and i choosed three spots which we liked most. This work is documented as an stop-motion animation, too. It s called "Hoy Neu, Hoy".
"Hoy Neu" means "Hoyerswerda Neustadt "- the spot where we painted. "hoy" is the spanish word for today.

more pictures on my photostream

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Dozentenausstellung - Sommerakademie Dresden

This is my work for the "Masters Show" of the
summer academy 2011 at riesa efau Dresden. I hold a course on painting in urban space with chalk - was an amazing crazy course !

Acrylics (Black) and Chalk (Whitish Yellow) on Wall.

New work together with Benuz from Mexico

This work i painted during the last week at riesa efau Kulturforum Dresden together with my Benuz from Mexico.
Was kind of a difficult collaborative work - caused of the stress and totally mixed timetables - but finally we are happy with the result.

Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

" Wanted - my personal patron "

I already used this stencil for my solo show "the invited vandal"in January - but only in a gallery. Now i made it public. Still looking for a rich man.
bigger picture here

Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

"historical dimensions of adventures, exploring and inventions"

collage ( small ) and detail of "historical dimensions of adventures, exploring and inventions" in Heerlen. The work is something about 3 meters high and 25 meters long. I made it in 3 days.

you can see the collage a bit bigger here and more pictures of the wall on my flickrstream

Part of "urban script continues 2011 - Lak Aan Braak" in Heerlen. A Wallpainting project curated by
Jens Besser
and Robert Kaltenhäuser in cooperation with KUS

more infos here

Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

chalk mob V 2.0 – photos ...

The chalking action was great - between 150 and 200 participants counted the first chalk mob in Dresdens main shopping street - Prager Strasse ! Thanks to all participants - let's do it again ! more pictures here

Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

chalk mob V 2.0 – action in Dresden

hello friends of street art and chalk painting,

this saturday 3p.m. the „Chalk Mob V.2.0″ starts in Dresden (Prager Strasse /Dr. Külz Ring).
Within 3 hours we wil cover the whole shopping street with chalk paintings.

everbody is welcome in taking part in it !

Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

Kosmonaut J.Gagarin in Kerkrade

Today i finished my second wallpainting in Kerkrade. It s about Juri, how live changed in Kerkrade and things of my everdays life.Click on the picture to see a bigger picture of the work.

Size - around 2.5m to 8 m

"urban script continues 2011 - Lak Aan Braak" is a wallpainting project in Heerlen by Jens Besser and R.Kaltenhäuser in cooperation with KUS.more infos here

Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

In Schiedam @ the Lastplak wall

I was invited to paint on a huge wall in Schiedam (Rotterdam area). Organized by Peter of Lastplak - ( the whole wall ) is 120 meters long and 7 meters high. The wall is located on the trainline between Achiedam and Amsterdam. 15 artists took part in painting this wall. great spot , great stuff ... and maybe the biggest dutch contemporary mural - big thanks to peter

abstract series

Continued to work on my abstract series. Lines and a lot drips. I made this one in a huge block house , which will be demolished in decmeber 2011. This painting is part of "urban script continues 2011 - Lak Aan Braak".

manual device II

This is actually the second sketch titled "manual device". Just made this during my residency in Heerlen/NL.

ink on black paper
size: 21cmx29,7cm

Montag, 2. Mai 2011

"De Cis Ion"

A work about decisions. How to make decisions ( by listening music), how chemistry and CPUs are connected and what they tell us about decisions - YES, NO , TRUE or NOT and what MAYBE means.
"urban script continues 2011 - Lak Aan Braak" is a wallpainting project in Heerlen curated by Robert Kaltenhäuser and me in cooperation with KUS.

more infos here

Samstag, 30. April 2011

In Action @ Schunck's Tosca

I painted this fast work on the outside shell of Tosca - a project by Jean Michel Crapanzano. More infos about Tosca here
you can see tosca live via videostream here.

Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

Een snufje Berlijn in Heerlen

Today the local newspaper of Heerlen wrote something about Lak Aan Braak - check it out here

Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Lak Aan Braak - Heerlen/Netherlands

Just painted this wall together with Skount from Almagro/Spain in Heerlen/Netherlands
"urban script continues 2011 - Lak Aan Braak" is a wallpainting project in Heerlen curated by Robert Kaltenhäuser and me in cooperation with KUS.

more infos here

Montag, 11. April 2011

"Just In Time" - mural for "15,50€" group show

"Just In time" is a mural for the group show "15,50€" curated by Stefan Schwarzer and Matthias Höhl at Burg Giebichenstein (Hermes Areal) Halle. It focuses on the topic of public transport in Halle and the agglomeration of "Halle-Leipzig". Huge photo here.
More works i made in Halle/Saale you can find on my flickr stream

Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

Diary Of Interrail

Last weekend I painted a mural in an abandoned factory in the countryside of Dresden. It s called " Dairy Of Interrail" ... just a few memories of interrailing in good old Europe and travelling in South-America. For bigger picture click on the image.

Montag, 4. April 2011

15,50€ - group show

Just taking part in a group show in Halle/Saale about urban mobility called "15,50€".

participating artists: Martin Haufe - Leipzig, Marwin Rüffer - Trier, Christian Zabel - Leipzig, Tobias von Mach - Leipzig, Wilhelm Frederking – Chemnitz

curated by Stefan Schwarzer and Matthias Höhl

place: Hermes, Hermesstrasse 5 , 06118 Halle/Saale, Germany

opening: Friday, 08.04.2011 - 6 p.m.

open: 09.04.2011 - 10.04.2011 from 10a.m. - 6 p.m.

Freitag, 1. April 2011

New sketches - in Motion, chain reaction , liebestaumel

After a succesfull presentation of my first solo catalogue and finisage at bautzner 69, i just posted few sketches I made in the last weeks. It's just a selection of my favorites . Check them out on my flickr stream .
ps: Photos of the Finisage coming soon.

Freitag, 25. März 2011

"The Invited Vandal" - presentation of the catalogue

Next week on Thursday the presentation of my new catalogue at bautzner 69 take place.
It's the finisage of my solo show, too.
Everbody is invited to vandalize my works - we offer materials and workers clothing.

Thursday 31st. March
start 8 p.m.
Bautzner Strasse 69
01099 Dresden-Neustadt

Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

Berlin Days

Just came back from a short trip to Berlin. Been out painting together with some old and new friends - Duncan from Edinburgh, Aris from Viareggio, John Reaktor, Kosmos Oliver and Paix from Berlin. We had a nice time in an old abandoned factory located between Lidl market , blockhouses and other factories. Thanx to Irgh for showing the spot.
better resolution picture here

Samstag, 19. März 2011

"Muralismo Morte" lecture & book presentation at Linz Art Academy - 29.3.2011 - 7 p.m.

The Photo above shows a sketch for my friend Derek. I just made this one when i arrived in Buenos Aires. And i like to use this sketch to announce my upcoming lecture at the Academy of fine arts in Linz on 29th of March - start 7 p.m. at:

Kunstuniversität Linz
Kollegiumgasse 2
4010 Linz,
1. Etage Raum 1.19

more infos about upcoming lectures and events on muralismo morte blog

Freitag, 18. März 2011

Soul of a freight train - Buneos Aires

This old freight wishes to be on the tracks again. He dreames of beautiful connections between Cities, carrying goods like vegetables and fruits, crossing the argentinien Pampa and entering the chaos of the capitial. Just reading his instructions for the next big trip. Buneos Aires / Argentina - 2011 bigger picture here

Mittwoch, 16. März 2011

Oaxaca - rhythm of colors and dance of the death

My first Mural in Mexico . In Oaxaca the city of chocolate, tlayudas and Rufino Tamayo. Thanx a lot to Michele for the place to stay , to Mega for the organisation of the wall in Xoxo and Daniel for translations in the evening. Higher resolution of the picture here.

Montag, 28. Februar 2011

el viajero - the traveller

Valparaiso seems to me like Muralists Paradise . If you have some contacts over there you can paint nearly every wall in this town. Thanks to Jekse, a local street artists, i made this huge wall painting called "el viajero" spanish for the traveller. For better resolution picture, click on the foto above.

This city is definetly beautifull , just on the seaside and has lot s of stairs,walls and MURALS.

Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Nice greeting from the south hemisphere

I m on the road again. This time i am in south america. My second stop was Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Nearby the place where I stayed i found this nice spot to paint. I painted this wall during the night , because in daytime it was to hot and i prefered to stay at the beach of Uruguayaaa ... crazy south america !!! more first impressions of my trip you find on my flickr.

Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

What's next ?

Just made an update of my upcoming exhibitons,workshops and events .. here they are:

31.3.2011 - Presentation of the catalogue "The invited Vandal" and closing of the show at bautzner 69 - 01099 dresden-neustadt

8.4.2011 -"15,50€"- group exhibition
curated by Stefan Schwarzer und Matthias Höhl
opening 8.4. 2011 - 8 p.m. - show runs only from 9.4. till 10.4., open 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.

at Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle "Burg Giebichenstein" , Hermesstrasse 5, Halle/Saale (Germany)

9./ 10.4. 2011 - Street Art Stencil - Workshop at riesa-efau/Dresden
more infos here

Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Review "Der Gelbe Klang"

This Video shows the first scene of the art project "Der Gelbe Klang" (eng. The yellow sound) live painting by Jens Besser, projection by Stefan Schwarzer and sound by Felix Krüger Der Gelbe Klang - more Infos here , earlier post about "Der Gelbe Klang"

Montag, 24. Januar 2011

The Invited Vandal

Last saturday I had a great performance.
For " the invited vandal" nobody was allowed to enter the gallery space. All visitors had to wait outside. Free coffee from a thermos flask was offered to the visitors. The visitors had to wait for me, like painters wait for painted trains in the station.
From time to time I entered the gallery space to make some paintings on the walls. The rest of the time i stayed in the office of the gallery. Stefan Schwarzer took some action photos. During the Performance i even got a call by a reporter. He asked me if i could come outside to make some more lines on the wall, just for a press picture ...
The paintings are visible 24 hours from outside - like street art . nobody needs to enter the show. On 31st of march we will present the catalogue of the show.
Thanx to all visitors ... i had a perfect opening of this show !!!
more pictures of the show - here

Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

First Action At Bautzner 69

First action photos for my solo show at Bautzner 69 - the invited vandal .

Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

Welcome 2011 ...

Happy new year 2011!!

As posted before I will have my first Solo Show in Dresden at Bautzner 69. I start to work in the Gallery during the next week. For all those who like to see the process. You can always have a look from outside what's going on there.

I finally got Fotos - thanx MAX - of a Performance done last November at Projekttheater in Dresden-Neustadt together with Max Loeb and Martin Büss. A really funny one. Using tape, paint, sound scapes and a wheelchair, which we found in the theatre.
more Fotos of the show here

And last but not least I will hold a course at Sommerakademie Dresden . More infos about the course soon. If you're not able to be part of the course, there's another one about stencil at riesa-efau. And if you don't like workshops at all - you can have a look at the Sommerakademie Exhibition ;)

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