Mittwoch, 24. April 2019

Graffiti- & Street-Art-Workshops in Dresden

In the coming days and weeks I will lead various graffiti & street art workshops in Dresden. Following the dates and links for the courses:

28.04.2018 - Hey Hey Spray is a graffiti-workshop for kids & youth at riesa efau Dresden. This workshop is for children over 11 years

04.05./05.05.2019 "Graffiti" is an urban art workshop in Dresden at riesa efau. This Workshop is open to everybody, focusing on adults.

24.05./25.05.2019 "Street Art Workshop" is a classic Street-Art-Workshop focusing on stencil technique at Volkshochschule Dresden. This Workshop is open to everybody.

21.05.2019 & 02.09.-07.09.2019 - "Street Art & Temporary Public Interventions " is a workshop at TU Dresden - department of art pedagogy in Dresden/DE. This workshop is limited to Students of the department of art pedagogy at TU-Dresden.

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