Samstag, 10. November 2018

Then He Decided To Cross The Tracks - Solo Show

In 2010 I visited Vienna. As part of my scholarship "Trainworkers - in the footsteps of nocturnal shadows" of the Cultural Foundation of Saxony, I made contact with trainwriters from Vienna. I accompanied them during their nightly activities and photographically documented these experiences. From the documents emerged a series of drawings and screen prints, which have been shown in Amsterdam, Berlin and Dresden.

In 2018 I return to Vienna. Before arriving in Vienna, I will draw numerous drawings about expectation, which serve as the basis for his stay in Vienna. Once I arrive in Vienna I will discover the public space of the Danube metropolis day and night. I will search for places - for visible and hidden works. Of each work I take a part with me.

Out of expectation drawings and fragments of works I will create a new egozin. The Egozin will be printed live during the opening at Oxymoron Gallery and will be available there and after.

On the 22nd of November, the solo exhibition "Then He Decided To Cross The Tracks " opens at Oxymoron Gallery.

Title: Then He Decided To Cross The Tracks

Location: Oxymoron Gallery, Burggasse 98, A-1070 Vienna, Austria -

Vernissage / Opening: 22.November 2018, 6pm - 10pm / 6pm - 10pm from 7.30pm live - screen printing of new egozine

Exhibition period: 22.11.2018 - 11.12. 2018

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