Montag, 24. Januar 2011

The Invited Vandal

Last saturday I had a great performance.
For " the invited vandal" nobody was allowed to enter the gallery space. All visitors had to wait outside. Free coffee from a thermos flask was offered to the visitors. The visitors had to wait for me, like painters wait for painted trains in the station.
From time to time I entered the gallery space to make some paintings on the walls. The rest of the time i stayed in the office of the gallery. Stefan Schwarzer took some action photos. During the Performance i even got a call by a reporter. He asked me if i could come outside to make some more lines on the wall, just for a press picture ...
The paintings are visible 24 hours from outside - like street art . nobody needs to enter the show. On 31st of march we will present the catalogue of the show.
Thanx to all visitors ... i had a perfect opening of this show !!!
more pictures of the show - here

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