Samstag, 10. November 2018

Then He Decided To Cross The Tracks - Solo Show

In 2010 I visited Vienna. As part of my scholarship "Trainworkers - in the footsteps of nocturnal shadows" of the Cultural Foundation of Saxony, I made contact with trainwriters from Vienna. I accompanied them during their nightly activities and photographically documented these experiences. From the documents emerged a series of drawings and screen prints, which have been shown in Amsterdam, Berlin and Dresden.

In 2018 I return to Vienna. Before arriving in Vienna, I will draw numerous drawings about expectation, which serve as the basis for his stay in Vienna. Once I arrive in Vienna I will discover the public space of the Danube metropolis day and night. I will search for places - for visible and hidden works. Of each work I take a part with me.

Out of expectation drawings and fragments of works I will create a new egozin. The Egozin will be printed live during the opening at Oxymoron Gallery and will be available there and after.

On the 22nd of November, the solo exhibition "Then He Decided To Cross The Tracks " opens at Oxymoron Gallery.

Title: Then He Decided To Cross The Tracks

Location: Oxymoron Gallery, Burggasse 98, A-1070 Vienna, Austria -

Vernissage / Opening: 22.November 2018, 6pm - 10pm / 6pm - 10pm from 7.30pm live - screen printing of new egozine

Exhibition period: 22.11.2018 - 11.12. 2018

Mittwoch, 7. November 2018

37. Dresdner Grafikmarkt

The 37. Dresdner Graphikmarkt 2018 will take place on 10th November (10am - 6pm) and on 11th November (10am -4pm). Venue is also this year the conference center in the German Hygiene Museum Dresden.

Displayed and offered for sale are prints, drawings, watercolors, collages, photographs and other works on paper by almost 100 artists.

Including older and new silkscreens of mine - e.g. "Transwaggon" (2017), "In memory of Rudolf Sitte" (2009) and my new "Egozines"(2018)

Der 37. Dresdner Graphikmarkt 2018 findet am 10. November (10-18 Uhr) und am 11. November (10-16 Uhr) statt. Veranstaltungsort ist auch in diesem Jahr das Konferenzzentrum im Deutschen Hygiene-Museum Dresden.

Gezeigt und zum Kauf angeboten werden Druckgraphiken, Zeichnungen, Aquarelle, Collagen, Fotografien und andere Arbeiten auf Papier von knapp 100 Künstlerinnen und Künstlern.

Darunter auch ältere und neue Siebdrucke von mir - u.a. "Transwaggon" (2017), "In memory of Rudolf Sitte"(2009) und meine neuen "Egozins"(2018)!

Montag, 29. Oktober 2018

От пътуващо студио за ситопечат до авторски издания

In 2013  me and the Bulgarian Urban Artist Valeri Gyurov (GIFTED:) realized with partners from all over Bulgaria a tour with a moveable screen printing studio. We introduced a large group of people to the technique of Do It Yourself screen printing. Thanks to the support of Goethe Institut Sofia workshops have been hold for free in Burgas, Pleven, Plovdiv, Ruse, Shumen and Sofia.

During this period I introduced Nadezhda Georgieva and she got so inspired, that one year after, she founded Sito Studio. Today Sito Studio is well known in the Bulgarian illustration and urban art world for their well done prints and contemporary illustrations. Sito Studio was the first place of it’s kind and for four years teached over 250 people in the technique. Nadezhda Georgieva would like to share with you the future plans for the studio and the story behind. She will also show some of her recent drawstring bags, t-shirts, prints and give you a sparkle about independent working and creating your own art products.

I will talk about the „2013 - Screen Printing Bulgaria tour“, my printed works after my stay in Bulgaria and of course about recently printed works -  hand printed Egozines. For my Egozines i used spray painted papers from visited places around the world and folded those papers to DIY Egozines.

In 2018 I already realized two Egozines - „Tel Aviv - Israel…“ and „April 2018“

After the presentation we will print live new works on papers painted in Bulgaria. The fresh prints will be directly for sale.

Who? Jens Besser (DE) & Nadеzhda Georgieva (BG) & special guests
The talk will be hold in English !  

Where? Gifted Sofia, ul. "Ivan Denkoglu" 24, 1000 Sofia

When? Saturday, 3rd November - 7 p.m.

Samstag, 27. Oktober 2018

Rastern - Silk Screen Printed Art in Dresden & Workshop

1st of September 2019 RASTERN show opened in Dresden. RASTERN is the first show about the history of Silk Screen Pinting in Dresden curated by Claudia „Wanda“ Reichardt at the Leonhardi Museum Dresden.

For the show i produced a silk screen work called „The Infinite Freight Train“ done on the outside windows of the museum. This work is printed with special screens and done in a single color. You can see more details on my fresh Insta-Profile, but to see it in real is always best.
My second piece at the show is showing the work „Don’t believe the hype“ from 2017. This work is visible outside, too. It’s pasted on an artificial door which is completely covered by prints.

Inside the show you can find another work - the illustration poster for „FreightTrainWorks“ - show in Dresden & Görlitz.In the show you can also find a lot of well known artist of different ages such as Karl Heinz Adler, Stefanie Busch, Herrmann Glöckner, Carsten Nicolai, A.R. Penck or Holger Stark.

Rastern is running till 11th. November 2019 - so don’t miss it

In November I offer a screen print course at riesa efau called „Plakastrophe!“. If you are interested in the technique & political Posters you should join this workshop.

Montag, 25. Juni 2018

Metronome Festival Prague - Urban Wraps & Temporary Murals

For Metronome Festival Prague 2018 i did a series of works in different locations.
Two Spaces had been prepared with large banner to paint - both dealed with „Train Of Infinity“ Theme. For the so called „Street Art District“ i did different types of wraps - Panorama360degrees, HighStretchWrapping and different color combinations. Some of the works have been done live during festival day programme.

Thanx a lot to the festival team especially Barbora , Ondrej and Inka for helping ! It was a pleasure being invited. Everything was well prepared and I enjoyed working there. The line up of metronome prague festival 2018 was great ! Some of my favorite music groups played there and I got nice impressions from Czech music goups.
After 4 days of intense painting, wrapping and seeing different live acts my battery went really low …

Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2018

Metronome Festival Prague - 22. - 23. June

From 22.-23. June I m invited to Metronome Festival Prague to realize temporary interventions at the festival area and to be part of a discussion about art in public space.
See you in Prague!

Dienstag, 3. April 2018

Inside vs. Outside

During my stay in Kassel I realized an inside mural for Sanderhaus - travelling and moka again. Thanx again to Gerrit of Kolorcubes project in Kassel. Ghettoresidency continues in 2018. And because it's important to announce where it is I did a fresh new decoration of Ghettoresidencys public displays. Check it out in Dresden - Braunsdorfer Str. 23/25 (backyard/garden side).

Montag, 19. März 2018

Murals of the future in Kassel @ Kolorcubes

Thanx to the Kolorcubes Mural Project i did a performance during arctic temperatures with hot tea, coffee and a loooot of colors ! This performance session took place at a wall near Kassel University. Thanx a lot to Gerrit R.

Freitag, 9. März 2018

"Murals Of The Future" - lecture in Kassel

Friday 16th March i hold a lecture in Kassel about my works of past, present and future. In the lecture i explain my development of murals from unauthorized works to official performances such as the Murals Of The Future-series together with Stefan Schwarzer.

What? "Murals Of The Future" - lecture
When? Friday, 16th March 2018 - 6.30 p.m.
Where? Weinbergkrug - Frankfurter Strasse 54, 34121 Kassel

Entrance is for free - a selection of books of mine is available

Donnerstag, 8. März 2018

Urban Nad Labem in Usti nad Labem

In October 2017 I participated in the German/Czech project "Urban Nad Labem". "Urban Nad Labem" was organized by LackStreicheKleber e.V. from Dresden/DE. During two weekends I realized collaborations with czech artists - Michal Skapa from Prague and Aneta Bendakova from Decin. Thanks to local art associations and groups we did three public works in different areas of Usti Nad Labem. Thanks a lot to Deska, In Vitro and Hranicar Usti Nad Labem.

Samstag, 3. März 2018

Tel Aviv / Isreal - works in abandoned spots and the streets

out of the series "Murals of the future" simple black drawings on clear white walls take aways from Tel Aviv somewhere near Batsheva Dance Company

Montag, 8. Januar 2018

Bügelfeuer Show in Bremen

"Bügelfeuer" is a show organized by train fans from Bremen at "Spedition Bremen". In this show you can find a variety of works and talks in connection to the topic of TRAINS. Hoboing, surfing , painting, writing and spotting - lots of different activities on and with trains. I'm invited to present PADiGLiONE iN MOViMENTO publication and to exhibit some of my recent works. Stay tuned about the upcoming show in Bremen - more Infos here.

Dienstag, 14. November 2017

Transwaggon Paper Panel - New Silk Screen Print Available

A new fresh silkscreen print of mine is now available.
Transwaggon Paper Panel is a silk screen print edition done with spray paint and acrylique on paper. All pieces are signed and numbered on backside.

size 43 cm x 61 cm
edition of 35
first week prize 90€ each + shipping

available in my new online store

Dienstag, 7. November 2017

36. Dresdner Grafikmarkt - Live Printing and Selling on 11. & 12. November 2017

During the next weekend I take part at the 36th Dresdner Graphikmarkt. Besides presenting my own works for selling I print live during both days of the market. You can follow the development of a new screenprint series - See you there!

You can find more Information about the Dresdner Grafikmarkt on their website.

Am nächsten Wochenende werde ich am 36. Dresdner Graphikmarkt teilnehmen. Neben der Verkaufspräsentation meiner Werke werde ich auch Vor-Ort drucken. Ihr könnt also live miterleben wie sich eine neue Siebdruckserie entwickelt - Wir sehens uns auf dem Grafikmarkt!

Weiter Informationen zum Dresdner Grafikmarkt sind zu finden auf der Website des Markts.

Freitag, 6. Oktober 2017

Urban art bicycle tour through street art and mural history of Dresden "Fröbtau"

On saturday 14th october i offer again a guided bicycle tour though the Project Raum City Bilder and other Urban Art in Dresden "Fröbtau". Here is the official Press release:

Fröbtau unites the Dresden dirstricts of Friedrichstadt and Löbtau.

Fröbtau - that means unauthorized graffitis at abandoned factories in the 90’s, illegal urban art shows in empty residential houses and street art posters by the group NOLOGO in 2000’s.

Fröbtau - that means official large sized murals of the project „RAUM City Bilder“ from 2011-2014, the Sichtbetong - Camp 2013 or since 2016 the Roads Festival.

Since 1989 the appearance of Fröbtau changed intensively. Contributions of local actors like riesa efau, Friedrichstadtzentral e.V., konglomerat e.V. or Jens Besser lead to diverse alternative life in the districts of Friedrichstadt and Löbtau.

Jens Besser operates globally as muralist. In the 90’s he already started his activities in urban design in Fröbtau. Later Besser invited international artists in projects at Motorenhalle e.g. „Muralismo Morte“ or „Conceptual Vandalism“. 2011 Besser started to curate the public gallery „RAUM City Bilder“ in cooperation with riesa efau.

The urban art bicycle tour invites to discover the prospering urban district of Fröbtau. The tour is part of Roads Festival .

Start 14.10.2017 - 2p.m. - riesa efau /Adlergasse Crossing Wachsbeichstraße / Dresden - "Fröbtau"

Duration of the tour is 2 hours. Please bring your bicycle.

contribution fee: 5€ reduced / 7€ regular

Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

Accomplices Across Borders - Walls,Trains & Vagabonds

The collaborative show "Accomplices Across Borders - Walls,Trains & Vagabonds" opened on 5th May at Hole of Fame Dresden.
During the preparation of the show
Alessandra Ioalè / IT,
Blazej Rusin / UA,
WanderlustSocialClub / FR & BE,
Eric Vogel / DE
and me
worked together on a limited edition magazine. The content, texts and photos of the collaborative process, is screen printed on 100 sprayed papers. Papers were sprayed outdoors on various public surfaces by the participating visual artists.
The limited DIY magazine is available for 5€ cash at Hole of Fame Dresden.

The Show runs till 28th May.

Hole of Fame - Königsbrücker Str. 39 - 01099 Dresden/DE

Donnerstag, 6. April 2017

Tains, Travels & Papers - solo show at TEGN: Art space

In April I'm invited for a solo show at TEGN: Art-space in Jyderup/DK. The space is located in a town with only 4000 inhabitants. It will be really interesting to present my works in the countryside area of Denmark, because my works are usually much connected to urbanism and metropolitain chaos. At least Jyderup has a train line including a station.

The show starts on 28th April. On the same day i present my catalogue "Trains , Travels & Murals". Thanx a lot for the invitation to Anders Reventlov.

Freitag, 31. März 2017

"Magic City" goes Munich

Magic City, one of the biggest urban art shows in Europe, moves to the next exhibition hall. After the start in Dresden Magic City now stops in Munich till September, before moving on to Stockholm in November. The Munich show starts on 13th April - again with my work and a lot new works such as Blek le Rat or Niels Shoe Meulman. The whole artists line up you can find here. In Munich they will present the accompanying catalogue - I'm curious to see it!

Donnerstag, 30. März 2017

New work for University Hospital Dresden

Yesterday i started to work on a new drawing for the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus in Dresden. The work is located in the backyard of the child psychatry. It's a smaller commission, but i shows well how the painting of an ugly brownish metal shed can change the backyard situation a lot. More pictures coming soon. Work in Process for University Hospital Dresden Carl Gustav Carus

Montag, 6. März 2017

More murals from 2016

This is a mural painted in Dresden-Prohlis without sketch. Painted like a street bombing piece. And while you paint you get an idea what it deals with. This one is about panel and T2B sized works on trains - compared to a wall. Mural in Dresden-Prohlis The Flying Spaghetti Monster above all During the LackStreicheKleber - Festival 2016 I painted some works at Groove Station Dresden. This one shows the flying spaghetti monster above the arms of an unknown priests group.

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