Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2019

Untitled Mural for Kunstkurort Zauberberg in Ballenstedt/Anhalt

For "Amuse Gueule", the first appetizer at Kunstkurort Zauberberg, I realized a large sized paper based work. This temporary mural is basiclly made out of two layers - a base made out of primed papers using abstract structures connected to Urban Art such as drips and teared up papers and drawings over the pasted layer. Over the final shape of the pasted papers i draw some figurative and abstract drawings. Well recognizeable elements of my works such as trains, cargo bikes or an inside view in a room can be found. But there are also comments add to the place, such as an old person going around with a typical walker, a mix of caps and hats and some crazy guys. A network of red lines and small circles connects the whole setting.

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