Samstag, 27. Oktober 2018

Rastern - Silk Screen Printed Art in Dresden & Workshop

1st of September 2019 RASTERN show opened in Dresden. RASTERN is the first show about the history of Silk Screen Pinting in Dresden curated by Claudia „Wanda“ Reichardt at the Leonhardi Museum Dresden.

For the show i produced a silk screen work called „The Infinite Freight Train“ done on the outside windows of the museum. This work is printed with special screens and done in a single color. You can see more details on my fresh Insta-Profile, but to see it in real is always best.
My second piece at the show is showing the work „Don’t believe the hype“ from 2017. This work is visible outside, too. It’s pasted on an artificial door which is completely covered by prints.

Inside the show you can find another work - the illustration poster for „FreightTrainWorks“ - show in Dresden & Görlitz.In the show you can also find a lot of well known artist of different ages such as Karl Heinz Adler, Stefanie Busch, Herrmann Glöckner, Carsten Nicolai, A.R. Penck or Holger Stark.

Rastern is running till 11th. November 2019 - so don’t miss it

In November I offer a screen print course at riesa efau called „Plakastrophe!“. If you are interested in the technique & political Posters you should join this workshop.

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