Freitag, 1. März 2013

"jetzt hier" opening & guided tour

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As the youngest participant of the show "jetzt hier. Gegenwartskunst. aus dem Kunstfonds" I'm happy to announce as well the publishing of a well done small catalogue for the show. It's more like a booklet that reminds me on another nice catalogue i had years ago in my hands. Maybe the aim was to make a booklet that fit's into a bag of art collectors and world travelling curators instead of producing another heavy weight book. I really like the idea and the price is fair, too. Only 5€. But the catalogue is not the only thing i like to promote. Today i offer a guided tour in Dresden - Friedrichstadt - to Murals and public interventions in Dresden-Friedrichstadt - feel free to come around - start 4 p.m. - Adlergasse 14 / riesa efau entrance - there is no fee - donations are always welcome ;)

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