Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

"Question your consumerism" at "artists fair dresden" for galerie module & IKEA

Last Time i went to galerie module for a talk I was asked by Galerist Verena Andreas ( galerie module Dresden ) If my work " Question your consumerism", done at artists fair dresden for galerie module & IKEA Dresden , is against Ikea. The answer was "No" - but i had to explain the content , even you see it ! The message is directed to the people who don't think about stuff they buy. A company , like IKEA, deuter ( german back packs), lichtblick ( german eco power supply) or whatever is always responsible to their clients. If the clients don't buy stuff of the company, the company is forced to change the startegy. That means, as long as I don' t think about the fact that a backpack of deuter is produced in Vietnam ( written on their website) and I buy a backpack of deuter - i support the strategy of this company. For the work "Question your consumerism" I made some research about the product we painted on. The product is produced in Brazil at a company that has an professional looking website. The pictures i saw, did not show me any anything that i should question. When i visited Brazil , i saw places like this factory, but in general i can say Brazil is a crazy developing country and young people and companies think a lot about ecosystem. The only problem is - they often don't act like they think about - something they have in common with a lot of alternative freaks around the world ;)The only thing people most probably should think about is the long way, the product is delivered. All over the world big ships transport a crazy amount of goods from Place A to B. And we can read where the prodcts come from ( at least in 90% of all cases - some firms don't leave the country of production on the products, wehn they customize a bit at the product and then write instead the own country ). But IKEA wrote the origin of the product "Made in Brazil". On of the big problems around the world is the stupid transportation of products. Every year ships cause desasters in oceans and coastal ecosystems. That's why painted a ship that loses oil in the ocean. But The people want cheap stuff. You can buy stuff produced in Europe , but it costs more. But people don't want to spent more money to something that is ecological. People buy even "eco"-apples from italy or south africa even they have some around the corner in their german home-town.So my message as you can see is not against some big company - it's a message to the people. The final aim of this action for Ikea was to install the works in their store in Dresden. I hope this will happen , because i want the shoppers to think about the stuff they buy everywhere. Not only at IKEA ! That's why to start this discussion at a fair was the best place to promote this Idea. Fairs are places where clients are asked about new products and ne developments. back of the product detail - open source detail - we love trainz , we hate cars

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