Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

Welcome 2011 ...

Happy new year 2011!!

As posted before I will have my first Solo Show in Dresden at Bautzner 69. I start to work in the Gallery during the next week. For all those who like to see the process. You can always have a look from outside what's going on there.

I finally got Fotos - thanx MAX - of a Performance done last November at Projekttheater in Dresden-Neustadt together with Max Loeb and Martin Büss. A really funny one. Using tape, paint, sound scapes and a wheelchair, which we found in the theatre.
more Fotos of the show here

And last but not least I will hold a course at Sommerakademie Dresden . More infos about the course soon. If you're not able to be part of the course, there's another one about stencil at riesa-efau. And if you don't like workshops at all - you can have a look at the Sommerakademie Exhibition ;)

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