Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010

street art stencil workshop @ riesa efau Dresden

street art stencil workshop @ riesa efau Dresden

part of "artistic evening courses" of Riesa efau e.V. Kultur Forum Dresden

about the workshop :
"Stencil is the most famous technic used for street art. self-made stencils are used to spray fotorealistic pictures of humans,nature or procedures in streets of cities. the workshop teaches basics and new developments in this technic.The first part of the course focuses on realisation of an self portrait. the stencil is used for production of self made stickers. to realize a lifesize stencil is aim of the second part of the workshop. this stencil will be used on a legal wall in urban space. after attendance of the workshop ,the participants are able to realize stencils by themselfes."
weekend 19&20.June daily 10a.m.-5p.m.

Fee: 70 Euro/ reduced 55 Euro add. 25 Euro material
riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden
Adlergasse 14
01067 Dresden
Medienwerkstatt, Malwerkstatt, Hof hinter der Runden Ecken

applicationg via riesa-efau

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