Sonntag, 1. März 2015

Jeddah days & nights

In February i was invited by Goethe Institut Kairo to give workshops in Jeddah/Saudi Arabia. Saudia-Arabia is a country you can only enter with an official Visa. As a non - muslim there is the only opportunity to enter Saudi-Arabia with an invitation. I thought i should use this rare opportunity to see a country where people have really bad thoughts about. It finally turned out as a really good decision.

Originally it was planned to partcipate in Janadriyah Festvial in Riadh - but the festival was canceled. So I ended up in giving a workshop for street kids and another workshop for young designers and street artists from Jeddah. These workshops happend at a „Street Art“-show organized by Athrart gallery in a former garage in Al-Balad - the most beautifull area of Jeddah. Al-Balad has a high population of foreign people - it’s much more livley then other parts of the city, because of it’s narrow streets and old beautiful houses.

Before I gave the workshops i met up with local writers and we went out drawing in public space.

This is the biggest work i did there. 4-5 meters high, around 10 meters wide, done with stick and spray. It shows a former King from Saudi Arabia. You should know this King from Saudi Arabia let build a trainline used for public transport between Riad and the northern coast of Saudi Arabia which is still in use. You can imagine how angry the oil companies went out when they heart about these plans. A train in the country of oil&cars ? But take care - it’s only a tribute to the trainline in the City of missing public transport called Jeddah ;) More works follow soon !

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