Freitag, 29. November 2013

Three murals for Abrisshaussession 2013

"Welcome 2 Utopia" was located at the entrance to this year edition of Abrisshaussession in Dresden. In abandoned buildings muralists can live the utopia of painting everything they like to paint. Without permissions. Without stress. Without borders. Last Mural in Germany of this years series "Train of Infnity".The infinite train blocks the way of "Handhaving - International". The dutch word "Handhaving" means in german "Ordnungsamt" or in english regulatory authority . These authorities usually criminalise painters in abandoned factories or stop paste up actions in public space. "A view from outside" was my last mural for Abrisshaussession 2013. In the middle of the work you see the weird "Saint Bureokrates" ( der herabgestiegeneParagraphenreiter ) . Attacked from the left by panic-ing masses and on the left a typical yard situation in a peacefull night. Size of each mural is 3m to 4m. To see more details of the works - click on the images.

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