Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

Latin America Tour 2012 - Chile

Since I´m in Chile i just painted. 3 Walls in Valparaiso are finished. And th 4th at "museo a cielo abierto san miguel" is finished tomorrow.
The museo is organized by an art association based in San Miguel/Santiago de Chile. It s kind of a grassroots Organisation which exists in San Miguel for several years. The "museo" is curted by the artist mono gonzalez. Mono is a well know muralist at the age of 65 - and active for lot of years. One of his most famous works is in a metrostation in Santiago.

The Mural i participate in is a group work of 3 artists - Godi from Brazil , Mr Rik from Germany and I.It´s kind of crazy to paint all day long ... and i think i need a break at a beautifull beach.

one of 3 collaborations in Valparaiso - more pictures of works in Valpo here

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