Donnerstag, 5. März 2015

Entrance to Utopia

My second work was inside a sculpture. „The accident“ is a sculpture at corniche road along the coastside of Jeddah. „The accident“ by Julio La Fuente is part of a public art program, or better urban beautification program,  in Jeddah done in the 70s. Jeddah claims to be the biggest urban art museum in the world. You can find on all roundabounds another strange sculpture - a huge carpet with car on top, a big tap, big cisterns or a huge fist. This city is full of big weird sculptures.

And Everybody knows „the accident“. It’s extremly visible and in a city without public transport - cars are a special theme. 

When we first passed by this sculpture i told the driver to stop. This work had such a strange and strong impact on me, that a needed to look closer. I realized that it was possible to enter inside. I climbed through the broken car window and discovered a hidden place - perfect for drawing and right in the central public view. I found a lot of waste inside. It reminded me on a typical abandoned factory where you could find needls or beer bottles . I discovered writings from 2000. I decided to do an drawing piece inside.

Entrance To Utopia - Jeddah/Saudi Arabia The next day i went for working inside. A friend of mine was checking outside, if police comes, or something else happens. During my drawing session outside a lot cars, even police and some workers passed by. The workers cleaned the streets around the sculpture. If policemen had asked me what i did i would carefully explain them my work, because i did nothing illegal in my eyes. But nobody discovered me during my daytime work inside.

Entrance To Utopia - Jeddah/Saudi Arabia Being inside i remembered some drawing sessions in abandoned places in Dresden and Milan. I thought about a work i did in end of 2013 which was called „Welcome 2 Utopia“. These hidden places are full of Freedom and Anarchy - utopian places. This is where i started my drawing. First i primed the wall at some spaces in black, later i continued drawing over the black spots with spontanous ideas. I did a drawing of the sculpture, another one of the real Kaba , some coffeemaker - these works dealed with circles. Then - Because of being thirsty i drew a bottle of water. I continued a house, Birds flyig outside the sculpture. I added some connections, a hidden room and comments. A sign „back to public reality".  Finally i called the work „Entrance to Utopia“. 

Entrance To Utopia - Jeddah/Saudi Arabia
Entrance To Utopia - Jeddah/Saudi Arabia
Entrance To Utopia - Jeddah/Saudi Arabia After leaving the sculpture i went straight to the car where the driver waited outside - for 2 hours in heavy sunlight. Just thirty minutes later we passed by again. Local artists and me did a tour through Jeddah about art and Street Art in Jeddah. They where extremly amazed about my story and the idea of the work inside the sculpture.

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